Friday, January 22, 2010

The Untouchables

WASHINGTON - When we think of terms like mind control and brainwashing our thoughts quickly picture Manchurian candidates, assassins, and cult members.  The art of mind control is to literally wash the brain in such a way that its victim can no longer tell truth from falsehood.  The systematic manipulation of psychological and social influence uses methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulators.  With the application of coercive techniques the ability to change the values and beliefs, perceptions and judgments, and subsequent mindsets and behaviors of people can be attained.  Whether for financial, political, personal, or religious reasons - manipulators of the mind of men have been around for thousands of years.  Today, brainwashing is so entrenched that nearly everyone, in one form or another, believes a lie.

For example, many have been taught in the West that to speak above one's breath in criticism of the State of Israel, Judaism, Jews and Zionism is not only construed as anti-semitism but, in the case of modern day Evangelical Christianity, scriptural suicide.  However, such foolishness is easily dismissed when one chooses not to fear the 'powers that be' in order to obtain the Truth of the matter.  And the truth of the matter is most people, whether Christian or otherwise, really don't understand what defines one as anti-Semitic.  I assure you this writer is not an anti-Semite.  As a Christian, I have no hatred of those who call themselves Jews nor do I wish any harm to come to any peace-loving Semite whether Israeli or Arab.  Even those who do not love peace, I'm still called to have compassion on.  Yet, even so, this article will raise the ire of some and the author will be labeled anti-Semitic by not a few.

If one speaks out against Jewish or Christian Zionism they are labeled as anti-Semitic.  If a person shows how 80% of all those who call themselves Jews live in the United States and Israel thereby controlling everything from the Media, the Banking Industry and Finance, Western Politics and nearly all production they are quickly branded anti-Semitic.  If one shows that Hollywood, the Western Press, and the New World Order is run predominately by Jews they are called anti-Semitic.

Ironically, the true anti-Semites are the deceived Jews and Christians themselves.  One thing that escapes most is that being labeled a Jew is a religious designation.  Literally, it means one from the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah.  Moreover,  a Jew is not a Jew by ethnicity or political affiliation but strictly by their religious beliefs.  Therefore, as the Bible states clearly, many who say they are Jews are not - they are liars.  The Bible goes so far as to call these liars the synagogue of Satan.  People believe they are Jews because their heritage is Jewish or they reside in a Jewish State.  But the truth is only those who were Israelites from the tribe of Judah can truly call themselves Jews.  And since the scattering of the tribes of Israel millennia ago - today no one is truly a Jew. 

What passes for Judaism today are mostly adherents to Kabbalah.  What passes for Jewry today in Palestine is nothing more than Israeli citizens.  While the Jews described and spoken of in the Bible could consider themselves the chosen people of God - such a designation today does not exist for them.  Citizens of Israel today as well as all those who consider themselves Jewish are no more the chosen people of God than an Aryan American is a Black African.  In other words, the so-called Jews of today and for the last 2,000 years are not and have not been God's chosen people since the destruction of the last Jewish temple in 70 C.E.   Clear and concise biblical proof of this is linked to at the end of this article.

Why is it the Hexagram is the National symbol of modern day Judaism?  So much so that it is prominently displayed upon the Israeli flag?  If this symbol is the Star of David, as we're told, strictly representing the Jewish people, then why is it a symbol displayed in every religion on earth?  This symbol can be found in Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Christianity, Catholicism, Satanism, Hinduism, Theosophy and Freemasonry.  

What business does a geometrical symbol for the sun have to do with Israel unless the real meaning of this symbol represents something other than what most believe it to depict?  What commonality do all the religions mentioned above have that they all recognize the Hexagram as a religious symbol?  The reason all the religions on earth recognize the Hexagram as an important religious symbol is because all these religions, in one form or another, worship the sun, including modern day Judaism.  The Hexagram is recognized in the occult to be the spirit of the sun, numerically 666.

One of the most damaging teachings to come along perpetuating the belief that God's chosen people are exclusively Jewish people has been the Christian theology of Dispensationalism.  And sadly, while many truly respected and faithful Christians hold to this philosophy, it is still false.  Many Christians do not question what they've been taught they just blindly accept it as truth because men they know and love adhere to it.  Men like John Nelson Darby and Cyrus Scofield promoted this new understanding of interpretation in the early 1800's.  And since that time whole systems of theology have been built up around it until, in the last 100 years, ignorant but well intentioned Christians believe such preposterous things as Israel becoming a recognized Zionist state in 1948 was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, when from the Scripture no such prophecy exists.  They claim God supernaturally caused Jews to return to Palestine so He could carry out His plan - but what they miss is if this were the case, then why would God need the United States of America to keep the State of Israel financially afloat?  And why would He use the satanic United Nations to create such a regathering of His "chosen" people?

If it weren't for the blind acceptance of Dispensationalism, perhaps the persecution of the Jewish people would not have been so violent these past 100 years.  Christians ignorantly call evil good and good evil not knowing they are actually being caught up into a grand illusion.

The New World Order is perfectly fulfilling what deceived Dispensational Christians expect to be biblical prophecies.  They have accepted the Zionist State of Israel as the blessed and chosen people of God not knowing they are being set up to worship the very sun god the Talmudic and Kabbalistic Jews already venerate.  The Bible makes it clear who is the Church of Jesus Christ and who aren't.  But arrogantly, many Christians accept the Jewish Zionists as the chosen people of God and therefore continue to provide them with their finances and support instead of pleading with them to recognize their Messiah which came 2,000 years ago lest they, too, be destroyed.

Even modern day Jewish writers acknowledge the dangers of Christianity's relationship to Zionism; writers like Ralph Schoenman, Norman Finkelstein and Lenny Brenner.

The key to understanding Zionism is found exclusively in the Scripture.  For if one rightly divides the Word of Truth they will come away believing what the Bible makes abundantly clear . . . modern day Israel IS NOT the fulfillment of biblical prophecy nor are any Jews since the ascension of Jesus Christ God's chosen people.  Christians so easily give up their birthright for a measly pot of stew.  They swallow the poison of Dispensational teaching which, when intensely scrutinized in light of the Bible, is nothing more than vain philosophy after the tradition of the elders.

Many people blame the ones who call themselves Jews today for the ills of the world.  And in some cases, this is true if one is referring to Zionists.  However, the persecution of Jewry today, in many cases, comes from an ignorance of Scripture.  The professing Jews today are no more responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ than Gentiles.  It has been 2,000 years since Christ was hung on a Roman cross so what Jew since 70 A.D. has been directly responsible for that?  None.  Therefore, Christians have no excuse to persecute those who consider themselves Jews.  They also have no excuse for exonerating them for the carnage and war Zionism continues to wage on it's Arab neighbors.  What Christians should be doing is evangelizing the lost in Palestine, New York, Russia, and Israel or where ever self-named Jews can be found.  We should be telling them they have no future without Jesus Christ not ignorantly calling them God's chosen people and therefore watching as they fall in droves straight into the pit.

What is true anti-Semitism?  Today, it's pretty much any Premillennial Dispensationalist Christian, well intentioned or not, who watches as Israelis perish without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ their only Redeemer.