Saturday, February 27, 2010


WASHINGTON - When the Apostle John warned the 1st century Church of the many antichrists that had infiltrated the called out and separated people of Jesus Christ at that time he also warned them of the Antichrist to come.  In modern times many continue to play the 'name game'.  That is, they try to figure out who will be the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition, the "little horn", the beast . . . the Antichrist.  It is not within the scope of this article to show all such modern speculations as utter foolishness; nor is it the intent of this commentary to display clearly that the Antichrist John the Apostle spoke of has already come and continues to this day in the office of the Papacy.  Anyone willing to study the Scriptures without preconceived notions and bias will come away with the same conclusion millions have for centuries - and this is that the Antichrist has been in the world since the early days of the first believers in Jerusalem.

I would like to direct this blog to those that know this truth but yet still struggle with really identifying the spirit of Antichrist.  For example, many are still stuck in churchianity.  They believe and have been taught that it is the duty of Christians to go to church.  And by church it is meant a building where those who confess a faith in the Son of God, the Messiah of Nazareth, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob go to meet.  The Bible teaches that where two or more are gathered in the Truth of Yahshua (in His Name) then He is in their midst.  The Scriptures also exhort the saints to forsake not the assembling of themselves together.  But what do these things mean?

Is it that Christians must meet once a week in an elaborate building; that they must always "go" to "church" to receive the blessings of YHWH (God)?  The Bible makes it clear that such is not the case.  The idea of meeting in a grand building comes from occult paganism, not biblical Christianity.  The ornate cathedrals, temples, and shrines of modern, as well as ancient, religions were built to honor the god of the sun, not the Son of God.  And the spirit present in these houses of worship is not the spirit of Christ but the spirit of Antichrist predominately.  In earlier times the God of the Bible dwelt in a temple built with human hands.  His Glory was housed in a tabernacle in the wilderness as well as beautiful buildings of stone built by Old Testament patriarchs.  However, the Glory of God left these structures thousands of years ago never to return.  He has dwelled amongst His people since the ascension of Jesus Christ in His spiritual temple, His Body of called out disciples.

Sure, you'll always find true believers worshipping right next to confessors in physical houses of religion. The tares have been sown amongst the wheat for many generations.  However, the warning is given from Scripture to the Elect to come out from amongst the heathen; to leave Babylon.  Many do not heed this commandment.  And for their refusal to obey the voice of the Shepherd they have continually been judged along with the unrighteous.  Today is no different.

The spirit of Antichrist is alive and well in American churchianity especially.  For some, the signs to identify the professing churches from the Ekklesia are clearly visible.  One of the greatest signs today that a church is Antichrist and marked by the image of the sun god is does it display his symbol?  An interesting study is that of the cross.  Many religions display this symbol but is it exclusively Christian?  The Greek word that occurs in the New Testament for "cross" is a word that means stake, or upright pale or pole.  The ancient Roman Vulgate is where the Latin word "crux" was defined to mean "cross" as we know it today.  Yet, so many churches across the land have for thousands of years used the image of what many consider a biblical cross to signify Christianity.  But what kind of Christianity are they signifying?  The cross as depicted today is an ancient symbol of the Babylonian and Egyptian sun gods.  It is a fertility symbol.  It has nothing at all to do with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and everything to do with the great mystery religion of Babylon the Great.

Now this does not mean that those who have or display a cross are necessarily evil or pagan.  However, it would help to study to show oneself approved unto God so that they may not be ashamed in the Day of Judgment for calling something evil, good.  A question I like to ask Christians is why do rock musicians, movie stars, witches, pagans, and satanists all tend to wear crosses too?  Is it because they are signifying a belief in the LORD Jesus Christ or is it symbolizing something else to them?  Many believers in Jesus Christ are absolute babes when it comes to knowing anything meaty.  They are happy drinking milk from the sacred cows of religion.  To such confessors, only destruction awaits them should they not repent.

In 2010 it can be said without apology that nearly the entire realm of Christendom is worshipping the Masonic sun god.  Most, however, are doing so in ignorance.  They may not be purposely setting out to bow to the image of Ba'al - but that is, in fact, what they are doing.  In America it becomes quite easy to discern through the Spirit of Jesus Christ which "Christian" churches are controlled by the spirit of Antichrist. 

For example, the contemporary temples of Ba'al today place their emphasis on constructing larger and grander houses to worship their god.  They have long ago left the God of their fathers in pursuit of the god of the new age.  This god wants temples devoted to the sun.  He concentrates his disciples on worldly pursuits.  He has them busying themselves buying and selling.  These antichrist pastors sheer the sheep through their love of money.  Millions of dollars are raised to build things that have absolutely no eternal value.  Rather than spend the thousands upon thousands of monies given to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the poor - these wolves in sheep's clothing go about seeking whom they can devour through false piety and religious zeal building greater and larger buildings in which to heap praise upon their lesser god.

The "mega" churches in America today are houses of the sun.  Millions of worshippers gather in stadium-like venues to "watch the show."  These constructs of men are no different than the cathedrals of antiquity which housed the demons of their day.  Celebrity preachers in America are nothing more than overpaid whores of Babylon.  The true gospel of Jesus Christ offends people - that is how simple it is to tell the real from the profane.  Churches today that are consistently growing in the number of members that attend their weekly services are, without exception, in bed with the beast of antichrist.  While they may believe they are being blessed of God and spreading the Gospel, they are too blind to see they are being rewarded by the Dragon for loving money.

Today most churches in America spend more on sound systems than they do Bibles.  They spend more on church construction costs then they do homeless shelters.  They adorn themselves to the world and the world plays along.  The called out of Christ Jesus are to be a separate and holy nation unto God.  That is how you can tell the confessors from the believers; the obedient from the lawless.  What passes today for Christianity, from Roman Catholicism to Evangelical Protestantism is repulsive to the true believer of the Eternal Son of God.  

In the Scriptures, Christ told the Apostles to refrain from going into Asia with the Gospel.  There are many reasons why this instruction was given but one thing is certain, at the time of the Book of Acts there were more important regions of the earth that the Spirit of Christ wanted the Gospel to be preached; primarily those countries where the Jews resided.  In ancient times, as today, the Far East is controlled by the Dragon.  In fact, it is their national symbol.  The fiery red dragon is a biblical depiction of the Adversary, the Satan.  

Interestingly, in most Western churches today, Eastern mysticism has been integrated with a false gospel to teach apostate doctrines.  Many years ago transcendental meditation crept into Evangelicalism quietly and without much fanfare - so much so that today you have so-called Christians practicing Oriental martial arts.  In some antichrist churches you even have Buddhist and Hindu philosophies such as Yoga being "Christianized."  Rock-n-roll "worship" teams, skits, dramas and Roman circuses disguised as "sports" are all present in most modern churches today.  The emphasis is on transforming the Gospel to fit contemporary times rather than allowing the Gospel to condemn modern sinful practices of most churches.

What is the root of all this paganism and mixture?  When Constantine the Great had his epiphany in the sky on the Milvian Bridge back in the 4th century - he was told to take the sign of the "cross" and to conquer with it.  And that is just what he did.  He "Christianized" pagan and heathen ritual and called it the Universal religion of the Roman Empire.  Or the Church Universal, i.e., Roman Catholicism.  It was from this apostate religion that modern day Protestantism and Evangelicalism derives.  The Roman Catholic symbol of Ba'al that passes for the cross of Jesus Christ to the ignorant and foolish is the crucifix. And it is this "crux" that the Protestant hordes carried with them as well, only they removed the image of the beast from the Egyptian Ankh and Greek Tau.

Today, there are many different varieties of crosses.  Most from the ancient Egyptian worship of the sun god are still with us today.  They are a cross overlaid upon the blazing sun.  The Celtic cross and Gnostic cross are the most recognized of these forms being derived from the ankh of Egyptian sun worship.  If a church displays this symbol then you can rest-assured it is your sign from the Father of Lights that it is a temple of antichrist.  The cross originates in the mystery religion of Babylon and was the symbol of the biblical character, Tammuz, long before the Pharaohs of Egypt emblazoned it upon their ceremony, later to be adopted by the Coptic churches.

Therefore, don't be surprised to find churches today proudly displaying a "sun cross" as though they're doing so in blissful ignorance.  This is a "mark" to let the wheat identify the tares.  And while not all can be easily categorized into one group or another, as only the Risen Christ knows His own, it does let the chosen of the Father know how to better distinguish the righteous from the lawless.  Many are so easily fooled by preachers who say all the right verses and quote all the popular doctrines, creeds, and catechisms as though they are truly representative of the whole of Scripture.  Such as these are deceitful workers.  They are false apostles and workers of iniquity.

If your church is going about acquiring lands, building structures, dramatizing the Gospel, employing worship bands and youth pastors, appointing elders and deacons without any care as to what the Scriptures warn - then rest-assured Christian, you're staking your claim to just another temple of the sun and will partake of the plagues of judgment against it unless you flee from idolatry.