Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pax Judaica

WASHINGTON - In the last blog the reader was introduced to the idea that the religion of the New World Order is a new age blending of ancient mysteries from Babylon and Egypt. It is a Masonic religion that the Christ from Nazareth made light of when He ridiculed those of His day that put this tradition ahead of His revelation.  Jesus Christ infuriated the Jewish leaders of His time by exposing their empty beliefs and religious piety that, He said, would ultimately lead them straight to Hell.

Today, in the modern world, 2000 years later these traditions of the Elders have made an overwhelming resurgence.  The majority of Christian churches in America are fully infiltrated by these beliefs and are under full control of the Masonic religion but they know it not.  In ancient times during the era of the foundation of Christianity the Roman Empire ruled the world.  It was referred to as the Pax Romana.  It was a time of relative peace and prosperity that lasted nearly 200 years without any major military conquests.  However, this Empire fell and in its stead came a vicious and bloody replacement.  While still Roman, it was not just a military state of control but a religious tyranny as well.  In the middle of the 4th century this super power became known as Roman Catholicism.  It was the perfect melding of Church and State.  What followed became known as the Dark Ages.

As the Catholic Church of Rome began to lose its control over the world once the Protestant Reformation took hold a new world order began to emerge.  This order was based upon the ancient mysteries of Babylon and Egypt just as its predecessor, Romanism, however it was going to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity known as the Pax Judaica.

It wouldn't be the Church of Rome that exclusively ran the world anymore but instead a small cabal of secret societies that would use their influence and power to infiltrate every organization on earth, from Nation states to religious orders.  In post modern times this cabal is referred to as the Illuminati, or Enlightened ones.  It consists of many different organizations and religions.  But at its head is the very same religion the Christ condemned 2,000 years ago.  Yahshua (Jesus Christ), the Messiah of Israel was crucified by this religious order which consisted of the very people He came to save.  Most rejected Him as their King but a third part did not.  It is the descendants of this third part that came through the fire back then who've been able to discern the real imposters of the Truth today.

The Bible speaks of a mysterious entity known only as Babylon the Great.  It calls this entity the Mother of Harlots.  For the learned student this mystery can be seen in Roman Catholicism, Masonry, Mormonism, Islam and a host of others - but what many Christians seem purposely blinded from recognizing is this entity, today, is most prevalent in Zionism.  Judaism, since the ascension of Jesus Christ, has been entirely consumed by the ancient mysteries of Babylon and Egypt.  Its Tradition of the Elders derives not from the 613 commandments of the Torah but instead the thousands upon thousands of philosophies derived from the Talmud of Babylon.  Judaism and Zionism are one in the same.  However, the distinction must be made that not all Jews are Zionists.  However, all Zionists are either Jews or Judaizers.

So just what is Zionism and why is it so dangerous to a right understanding of, not only world affairs, but the Bible also?  Zionism, in a nutshell, is a political system that believes the Jewish homeland will always be the physical land of Israel.  But past this Zionism is a religion.  It is Masonry.  Zionism has not just been infiltrated with Freemasons but it is the religion of the ancient mysteries of Babylon and Egypt.  The only country in the world that is fully controlled by the Illuminati from its inception until the present is Israel.  Without the Illuminist House of Rothschild of London and the Rockefellers of America, the little entity known as the State of Israel would not exist today.

The purpose of the Jews having a homeland is not to fulfill Biblical prophecies, despite ignorant conclusions to the contrary, the formation of an Israeli state is for one purpose alone.  It is to complete the Great Work or, in Latin, Magnum Opus of the Enlightened Ones.  The Secret Doctrine of the ancient mystery religions is no longer passed from one generation to the next through the rituals of Roman Catholicism but now has been revealed in the Masonic religion of Zionist Judaism.  The Plan of the Ages has reached fruition and all that remains is for the Pax Judaica to become worldwide in scope and implementation.

No longer needed are the powers which helped usher in this new world order.  These superpowers can now follow the Great Cause to its desired end.  The United States of America and Rome have been the two greatest powers the world has ever seen enabling the New Order of the Ages to come into being.  These powers have finished the Great Work and all that is left is for the spiritual reality to take hold.  This is where the Christian churches have been misled purposely by deceitful workers and false prophets.  Both America and Rome can be identified as Babylon - however, they are not the Mother of Harlots.  Neither Roman Catholicism nor the United States existed at the time the apostle John wrote the Revelation.  While John's Apocalypse revealed to the Christians in the first century the imperial machinations of Rome and Jerusalem - the Church of Jesus Christ had yet to fully realize how Judaism of antiquity would become the overpowering force of the End of Days.

In order to infiltrate and co-opt the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Judaism has always sought to destroy Christianity from within.  And not only what masquerades as the Christian religion but what, at its roots, is the True Biblical Faith.  This was accomplished in the early part of the 19th century with the introduction of what is termed, Dispensationalism.  While many sincere and genuine adherents to the gospel of Jesus Christ have been overtaken by this false belief system, it does not excuse them from remaining under its tentacles of deception.  Rather than study many simply follow the teachings of men.  Zephon Ministries has not been immune either.  This writer, in particular, used to take for granted that learned men greater in understanding and stature than him were qualified to be believed and listened to.  This resulted in some erroneous doctrines and false teachings being ignorantly disseminated by Zephon Ministries in the past.

Yet, over the course of the last 2 decades this ministry has finally been able to piece together the holes in its understanding.  While all is not yet known and may never be in this life - what is known is the depth and breadth of many deceptions fostered upon a naive and ill prepared Church for what is still to come.

In the early 1800's many false teachings and doctrines were taught within religious circles in America primarily to prepare Christianity to accept not only a new world political order, but a new world religion as well.  This religion wasn't really new however but instead was a cleverly disguised belief structure based upon the ancient mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt.  What started in 1776 in America by Freemasons was not the foundation of a Christian nation but a Masonic nation using Christianity to veil its purpose.  Just as Roman Catholicism veiled its purpose under a cloak of Christianity in the 4th century America did 1500 years later.  The main purpose of Dispensationalism was to develop a teaching that would allow for Christianity to be assimilated into the Secret Doctrine of the Ancient Mysteries thereby accepting a supposed physical and earthly reign of Jesus Christ on earth.  This teaching is known as premillennialism.  Or the idea that a golden age of peace and prosperity is coming to planet earth to be ruled by the Messiah of Israel from the physical city of Jerusalem.  But first must come a cleansing and horrific time of death and destruction.

This Secret Doctrine was developed into the theologies of many false religions which arose at this time.  For example, both Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness taught a 1,000 year long earthly kingdom of Christ who would rule with a rod of iron.  This was welcomed by many Dominionists who already believed the United States of America was the New Jerusalem and that the Democratic philosophy of Republican Federalism would be the earth's best hope for Theocratic government of, by, and for the People.

Evangelical Christianity was then infiltrated with the Plan of the Ages through Masonic teachings such as Universalism in the mid-1800's shortly after the founding of the Freemasonic religions of the Mormons and Jehovah's Witness.  Men like Thomas Thayer, Cyrus Scofield, Wescott and Hort began implementing secret Masonic doctrines into Biblical teachings that led many to replace sound Scriptural foundations with occult traditions.

As the 20th century dawned the freemasonic order of Illuminism was well entrenched in every seat of Western governments the world over.  From Washington D.C. to Vatican City, and from London to Paris, Moscow, and Berlin the conspiracy to control the world was a reality.  In 1948 the final piece of The Plan was laid into place.  After thousands of years of much turmoil and strife the Jewish people finally had a place to call home once more.  And this place was none other than the ancient land of Judea - the Zionist homeland became a reality in 1948 and the world witnessed the formation of the modern state of Israel.

What escapes most Christians sadly is that they have been deceived.  While many have awoken to the lies and deceptions of religions parading themselves as truly Christian such as the antichrist beliefs of Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness and Protestant Evangelicalism - they cannot seem to fully grasp the deception of Judaism.  The LORD Jesus Christ did not speak against the Church of the Papists, the Church of Joseph Smith or Charles Russell.  He did not speak against the many thousands of denominations within Protestantism specifically.  He spoke against the Jews.  Against the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees and Sadducees.  He condemned Judaism and destroyed its temple, its system of sacrifice, and ultimately its people.  All those Jews that would not come unto Him were condemned.  His face was forever turned against Judaism and instead shone brightly upon His Church.  His Scriptures exalt His Church, His chosen, His Elect, His Priesthood of believers. 

Interesting today is how the satanic Judeo-Christian religion of Masonry has undone all that their recognized Savior and Messiah accomplished before them.  Today most evangelical Christians are awaiting a rapture, a Great Tribulation, a literal Antichrist and another rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.  They are awaiting Armageddon and in some cases welcoming it.  Their misunderstanding of Scripture has led them to embrace the very deceptions of their self-fulfilling prophecies.  As these deceived believers await their God to return to earth to set up his earthly kingdom they do not realize they are being led to the slaughter just as the Jews were in Christ's Day that did not heed His warnings of the destruction to come to Jerusalem.  They awaited a King to rescue them from Rome - He came and went and very few accepted His teachings.  It is no different today.  Many Christians are awaiting their King to rescue them from this world when it is this world that has already been rescued.  Yet, just as His people rejected Him 2,000 years ago because the majority of them did not recognize their True Messiah - so it is true today.  The majority of Christianity is expecting Him in a way He will not appear.  But the one who will appear they will accept. 

The destruction of the United States is coming.  The destruction of Rome is coming.  The destruction of Jerusalem is coming.  A kingdom age of peace and prosperity is on the horizon.  But first much tribulation will occur.  Earthquakes, wars, signs in the heavens and earth.  Many will be killed and many will be imprisoned.  But order will arise out of the chaos as it is now.

The Great Work will be completed.  Man will reach godhood.  The Secret Doctrine, the Plan of the Ages, the super men, it will all come.  But it will be the grandest hoax ever perpetuated on humanity by a force and entity far superior to all knowledge and understanding on earth.  This Adversary known as the fiery red Dragon, the Serpent, and the Devil shall be crowned in all his beautiful luminescence.  He will appear as an angel of Light to the world.  He will appear as the En Soph, Maitreya, the Messiah, and the Christ.  And the remnants of all the world's religions will be swept into worship of this one god who will sit upon the throne of David in the city of Jerusalem.  He will be an imposter.

The Antichrist isn't coming.  He's already here.  The Great Tribulation isn't coming  - it's already happened.  The Man of Sin isn't coming, he's already been revealed.  The Millennial kingdom isn't coming, it's now.  But what is coming will be what the Masonic religion of Judaism has been preparing for since the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.; the Zionist Messiah.  And in order to bring Christianity under its control and ultimately destroy it Judaism must needs fulfill what Christianity expects.

The trap has been laid.  The bait is set.  Many have already been captured.  The question is who will yet wake up?  The prophecies have been fulfilled.  The problem is most are still looking.  When technology and mysticism bring about the elaborate deception most Christians today have been prepared to accept it will be too late to see past the lies.  To them it will be the end of the world, the end of the age, and the kingdom to come.  In reality it will just be another global attempt by Lucifer to once again be crowned the god of this world.

To those with ears to hear and eyes to see may the Spirit of Christ enlighten your hearts.