Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sky is Falling

WASHINGTON - As the year 2012 approaches all manner of fear-mongering and scare tactics are being employed by not only politicians, militarists and scientists but predominately religious teachers.  Now, this is not to say that Christians, in particular, should not be watching and waiting looking forward to their eternal glorification.  However, many Christians today, especially in America, are teaching things for fact that simply are not true relative to the End of Days.

For example, many people inside and outside the churches know something is amiss with the world.  While they may not buy into all the propaganda and conspiracy theories they do know that the world is indeed on the edge of a new paradigm shift in thinking.  In the West, it is obvious that the World Economy is collapsing and that it will never return to its former glory days.  Many who ridiculed those who for years have been saying a World Government was coming, a global currency was coming, and a new world religion was coming are no longer scoffing as much as they used to.  For even to the casual observer it is clear that something is definitely steering the World toward a new order.  Some view this as positive and others see it as utterly negative.  Some are awaiting supernatural intervention and others are looking for Mother Earth to cleanse herself.  Depending on which side one's Faith lies - whether in darkness or in light, determines their particular bent on the end of the world as we know it.

In Christian circles, the prophecy gurus are working overtime to share with their adherents the latest happenings in politics, religion, and finance as they pertain to what they perceive to be last days prophecies.  They speak of antichrist and peace treaties, of rebuilt temples and catastrophic events in nature.  They scare their followers into stock piling guns, groceries, gold and Bibles to survive the coming chaos.  But are they being faithful and true to the Word of God?

It is one thing to seek to be led of the Spirit as Christians - however, it is entirely another to become presumptuous and proud as though one knows exactly when things will occur.  For instance, most evangelical Christians are convinced the Church is in the last days.  And not the latter times as Jesus warned of 2,000 years ago but many believe the world is on the very edge of the Apocalypse.  Most believe the end of the world is at hand.  They anticipate great calamities to befall the earth such as floods, tidal waves, massive earthquakes, comet and asteroid strikes as well as destruction from the sun, moon, and stars.  They see biological warfare, nuclear explosions, and famine.  Some even anticipate an evacuation whether by God through what is termed a "rapture" or by aliens as a means to escape the chaos.

Most of what is being taught is just plain ridiculous.  People are being motivated by fear of the unknown.  And in the case of modern day evangelical Christianity, most are being led astray by false teachers and prophets.  One simple scripture many seemingly know but overlook is found in the Psalms: "Be still and know that I am God", (Ps. 46:10)

Today men are still going to and fro.  They are building churches, sending out missionaries and doing "great" things for God.  They are writing books, teaching lectures, preaching sermons and are busy, busy, busy for the kingdom of God.  Now these things can be good - however today, predominately, these things are evil.  They are wood, hay and stubble.  They are not of any eternal benefit for the kingdom of heaven they are simply tasks men do when they don't want to wait upon the LORD.  And that is why most preachers today are cursed as blind guides.  While they certainly mean well and only wish to adhere to the Faith as they understand it - they in fact have failed to actually hear from the God they proclaim to serve and instead have gone about doing their own thing. 

Whether the world falls apart in the next 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 years is irrelevant when it comes to being ready.  Sure, there is soundness and wisdom in preparing for calamity.  But how one prepares is of the utmost importance.  Many today are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  They are listening to the latest soothsayers and prophetic charlatans hoping to get a glimpse into the future.  Well, let's make things easy then to comprehend.

The future is not complicated.

In fact, when one actually becomes still they are able to see through the smoke and mirrors and discern between truth and fiction; error and fact.  And the fact is this world is coming to an end.  But I can assure you it won't be anytime too soon.  There can be certainty in knowing exactly when the world will end.  The Bible is extremely clear on this - the world will end when the entire earth is consumed in fire.  And not only the earth but the heavens above the earth as well.  The entire globe and our complete solar system will literally melt.  Is this going to happen in 2012? 

The churches are looking for things that just aren't going to happen as they expect.  For example, many point to the recent earthquakes of late, the volcanic eruptions, and the floods and tsunamis as though prophecy was being fulfilled before their eyes.  I answer this with one word: HAARP.  The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is just one declassified project which has the ability to not only be used as a tectonic weapon but also as a weather modification system.  Simply put, men can create earthquakes, they can cause volcanoes to erupt and they can manipulate the weather to cause extremes wherever and however they see fit.  In fact, the United States government as far back as 1976 promised not to weaponize the weather.  As a quick aside, they obviously lied.  One only need look up to the sky above and observe the phenomena of "chemtrails" to see the United States military is changing the weather.

Also, the majority of UFO phenomena today are not some other worldly entities but man's own diabolical scientists manipulating the laws of physics in ways unheard of to the common person on the street.  What still appears as magic to some natives is in reality just science and technology advanced far beyond the realm of comprehension.  Men are amazed at the technology available to them today in the public sector.  But what about technologies that are buried under layers of black operations and secrecy?  Not even the President of the United States is privy to such advanced technologies - it's called: plausible deniability.

Does this mean all technology is terrestrial and nothing extraterrestrial?  Of course not.  The Bible is chalk full of extraterrestrial creatures such as angels and demons.  It speaks of powers and principalities located in heavenly places and other dimensions.  So it should be no great surprise, at least to the Christian, that man is not alone in the universe.  And man has no idea as to the depths of God's creation.

What is happening today is not coincidence.  Nor is it Biblical prophecy being fulfilled as most have been led to believe falsely.  Mankind is being set up to accept the god of this world once more as the savior of man.  A false Armageddon has been planned.  A false apocalypse has been planned.  And a false god is coming.

If Christians would just read their Bibles they would see all this nonsense about a 7 year peace treaty being signed by the antichrist and the state of Israel is foolishness.  The idea that a rebuilt Jewish temple in Jerusalem needs to be constructed is utter nonsense. The teaching of a yet future period called a Great Tribulation is not supported by Scripture.  And this idea that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth to set up a physical kingdom on the planet prior to its utter destruction is false.  All these ideas are marvelously created fables less than 200 years old.  They seemingly can be proved from Scripture but only when one interprets the Bible through the lens of Dispensationalism.

Many loving, kind, and faithful followers of Jesus Christ believe things that simply are not true.  We do not condemn them for holding such beliefs we only plead with them that they truly study these things out deeply so they may be released from the veil that has been placed over their eyes.

However, paradoxically all these ridiculous prophetical interpretations of men will actually happen.  It will all be a ruse.  Man has the technology enabling him to perform these prophecies perfectly.  He can roll back the sky as a scroll if he wishes.  Through the use of computers and holograms he can cause men on earth to look into the heavens and see whatever he wishes them to see.  Man has the technology to isolate a person and inundate them with invisible waves enabling them to hear voices, to see visions, and to hallucinate.  They can do this with an individual, a crowd, a city, or a nation.  Man can cause lightening to come down from the sky wherever he wishes.  He can cause it to rain and he can cause drought.  He has the ability to clone himself and to teleport himself half way across the planet.  He can split the atom and create antimatter and he can open the windows into the occult and peer into the future.  All these things men are capable of as well as the things the chattel are never allowed to understand.

So is the Bible wrong if some interpret it to say supernatural things are going to happen in the last days and then they don't?  The Bible is a spiritual book.  That is, it cannot be understood only through reason and intellect.  It must be spiritually discerned.  Man can mimic the prophecies he reads physically - but he will never have the ability to spiritually discern the truth apart from the Spirit of Yahshua (Christ Jesus) leading his understanding.  This is where most have gotten into trouble today.  While they may be Christians they are reading the Bible carnally.  They are using their own wisdom and intellect to read the printed page rather than allow themselves to be illuminated via the Spirit of Truth.  This is how they come away with all manner of ridiculous and foolish speculation.

The Enlightened Ones - the Illuminati have their revelator.  It is the spirit of antichrist.  It is a dark force.  While masquerading as the Light Bearer this entity empowers them with supernatural capabilities.  Powers that enable them to know things that are forbidden to know.  But these wicked people have rejected the only true Light and therefore the light that is in them is darkness.

Many Christians today have been deceived by the bringers of the light.  The Masonic watchers today have led astray many faithful servants of the Most High God through deception and lies.  Some, because of their insistence not to repent, have been deluded by the only One that can open their eyes.

The days to come will be filled with chaos, with fear, and with calamity.  Earthquakes will continue - volcanoes will erupt - waves will wash over the shores of the continents and the heavenlies will be shaken.  But the end is not yet. 

Since the dawn of mankind men have experienced many catastrophic occurrences.  They've experienced a global flood, a pole shift, numerous ice ages and spats of global warming.  They have experienced earthquakes, eruptions, droughts and famines.  They have experienced comet strikes and asteroid impacts - these things will not stop.  However, the intensity of these disasters today and their increasing frequency is not as supernaturally caused as men may think.  Diabolical people led by dark lords have the technology to bring this world to its knees.  And they fully intend to do so more than they have done already.

So don't be led astray by those who would have you believe the Day of the Lord is at hand.  This world is simply going into the next age.  It will be an age darker than any other age in history. It will be a Luciferian age of brilliant light, of supernatural entities walking amongst men one more time.  It will be an age brought about through massive chaos and upheaval.  But don't be fooled Christian.  The age to come will be the kingdom age of man, not God.  The prophecies you think are being fulfilled by God are actually being created physically by evil men to deceive you.  Be on your guard Christian.  The world is evil.  It will only grow darker and more sinister.  The Illuminati have stated their goal - they want to manage an earth with 500 million inhabitants.  They have chosen the land of Israel to be the home of their god.  But this is only temporary.

So if a sun flare destroys part of the earth in 2012 or 100 years from now do not be deceived.  If the world is split in two or its magnetic poles reverse do not be deceived.  If the ocean overtakes New York City and Los Angeles falls into the sea do not be deceived.  Maybe an ice age is coming, maybe increased global warming, maybe even a comet or an asteroid is headed toward earth - do not be deceived.  Man is capable of creating many disasters which to the ignorant and foolish appear as though they are from the hand of God.

The YHWH of the Holy Bible states plainly how one may know the world is coming to an end.  Everything will be on fire.  Everything.  Not just this country or that city.  But the entire planet.  The entire solar system.  Everything will be burning.  And how many will actually be alive to see this happen?

So don't buy into the hysteria.  Yes, very catastrophic things are coming to planet earth.  Yes, many billions of people will die through famine, drought, earthquakes and calamity.  There will be nuclear explosions and biological weapons released.  New land masses will be created and others will disappear under the oceans.  But these things are not the "beginning of sorrows"; they are not the "bowl or vial judgments of The Revelation".  They are not the fulfillment of prophecies by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce or John the Apostle.  They are phenomena designed to get the world's eyes off Jesus Christ the Righteous and onto the god of this world.  The kingdom of heaven is a spiritual kingdom of God which does not occupy physical time and space.  It is spiritual.

So when men would have us to look to Israel, to Jerusalem, or to any other city on earth as though God has come back to the planet to save his people - do not be deceived.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the God of the Bible, of the prophets, and the Apostles is a Spirit.  And those that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Take your eyes off of Jerusalem.  It is a physical city destined for utter and complete destruction.  It is controlled by Satan and is home to the Illuminati.  When the Watchers decide to destroy Zionism with Muhammadism and Islam with Judaism then maybe those who have been blinded will begin to see.  The golden age coming is not the reign of Jesus Christ on earth - it is the kingdom of the Enlightened ones and their god; an angel of light.

The Jews of Christ's day rejected Him because He did not deliver the kingdom of the world unto them.  Instead, He used the Romans to destroy what kingdom they had left.  Today those who call themselves Jews have gone about establishing their own righteousness.  They have built themselves a city and they have inhabited only a mere fraction of the land that God took away from them centuries ago for their unbelief.  They are still a stiff-necked rebellious people.  Their only Hope is the same Hope of the world.  Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, they are tares being gathered in the land to be destroyed once more by the True Law Giver.  And Christians who ignorantly support them are actually signing their own death warrant.

The end of the world is not at hand.  The end of the age is, however.  Except the age to come will not be a kingdom age of peace and prosperity ruled by the righteous but a kingdom of rebellious men in league with devils seeking to overtake the world.

If they succeed then men will be forced to endure a Luciferian empire much more heinous and bloody than even that of the Dark Ages during the reign of the antichrist and his Church of Rome.

Wake up Christian.