Monday, March 29, 2010

Fear of the Jews

WASHINGTON - America is a captured nation.  She is a country which no longer enjoys true freedom from oppression but instead is in submission and slavery to her captors.  The United States is full of bankrupt people not only monetarily but spiritually, as well.  While there are pockets of adherents to the Truth here and there the overwhelming majority of what chooses to label itself Christianity in America is overcome by lies and deception.  This is why the present author chooses to separate the holy from the profane by labeling the apostates, "churchianity" and the faith filled disciples of Yahshua (Jesus Christ), "Christianity".  Churchianity is virtually every "church" in America that chooses to mix lawlessness with righteousness.  It consists of mega-personalities that sheer the sheep of the LORD's pasture rather than feed them.  It keeps them in bondage to the dictates of men and enslaves them with cowardice and trepidation. 

Genuine Christianity, on the other hand, is not a religion but a way to Life and Truth.  It does not consist of fear and lack of boldness but breeds courage and trust in the Maker of all things.  Religion is, as Karl Marx once stated, "the opiate of the masses."  Marx was a racial Jew who paved the way for America's modern drug culture; and not those drugs deemed strictly medicinal or recreational but the mystical morphine of religious deception.  Marx's statement has been understood to mean that religion is a sedative, a pain-killer, an inducer of dreams and visions of fantasy rather than reality.  It appeases rather than convicts.  It teaches conformity to the dictates of men instead of obedience to the Word of God.  Religion is truly the bane of modern civilization.  It does not matter if one's religion esteems a mere mortal man to be a god, whether he is called a prophet, pope, priest, pastor, or ascended master or whether their beliefs deify the ancient offspring of a goddess or angel - they all fall well short of the Truth.

How many today, who believe themselves to be following Truth, have actually succumbed to lies?  The Bible commands its readers to study in order to be able to rightly divide its Truth.  For those that don't the same text states that these people will be ashamed.  How many today should be shamed but instead are exalted by men?  Many theologians carelessly pick and choose from the Holy Scriptures only those things which support their carnal understandings.  They form opinions, interpretations, and subsequent denominations to instruct others in their pernicious ways.  It is understandable to reason that many do not do so maliciously but only to the extent that the Spirit has revealed His Truth to their heart and mind.  However, there are those who are ravenous wolves knowing full well their intent is solely to kill, steal, and destroy.  It is these false prophets and teachers that run ALL the religions of our day.

How many American Evangelicals have studied and read the Babylonian Talmud? -  Been instructed in Kabbalah? Or contemplated the words of the Zohar?  Yet, they are experts on Judaism, Zionism and the Kingdom of God?  What about the sacraments of the Church of Rome and its anti-biblical encyclicals, traditions, and pagan doctrines?  Yet, they are experts on genuine Christianity?  When those who have chosen to identify themselves with the Christ of the New Testament Scriptures fail to study His Words of Life they become willfully ignorant subjects destitute of Truth.  As a result, they are deceived and become fearful of challenging their oppressors.  In time, their courage is vanquished and they become just another brick in the wall of some apostate religion.

Most devotees of churchianity today are afraid to challenge the heretical teachings of Dispensationalism.  They fear reprisal of being labeled anti-Semitic if they dare speak the truth about Judaism, Zionism, and the antichrist State of Israel.  Many have been so brainwashed to believe that unregenerate "Jews" are God's chosen people they no longer are able to spiritually discern the Words of Truth. They do not have the courage to question the Vatican nor its satanic rituals so they follow a mere mortal man who dares equate himself with God.  Most seem only to want to dwell on brotherhood, unity, and equality.  They preach tolerance and love as though this is what God only wants.  They swallow deception and spit up demonic lies yet believe themselves to be blessed of the Savior.  While they wallow in timidity and writhe in rebellion their prayers go unanswered but they know it not.  This is the state of modern churchianity today.  It is pitiful and detestable.  Although many innocents are betrayed weekly by their leaders they still possess the written Word of God and will be held accountable for their knowledge of its Truth.  And this is why devilish religions over the centuries have always steered their adherents away from the personal study of their respective Holy Books and put them in fear of challenging the powerful clergy.

Less than fifty years after the Illuminated Freemasons of Europe began a new country, calling it the United States of America, resurrected occult religions were modernized to push the newly founded nation toward its fulfillment of the Great Work of Masonry.  In 1830 Freemason Joseph Smith founded the Luciferian Mormon religion based upon his interpretation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  He taught of an earthly kingdom to come ruled by a chosen people of God.  Three years earlier, in 1827, an Irish man named John Nelson Darby living in England developed a new system of interpretation of ancient Biblical prophecies resulting in the teaching of a physical kingdom of God on earth to be ruled by religious Jews.  It was a short time later that another Freemason, Charles Taze Russell, founded his false religion to be known later as Jehovah's Witnesses, which taught of a future earthly kingdom that would be run by a select group of enlightened men. 

Fast forward to contemporary America today, namely Evangelicalism, Liberal Romanism, Protestantism, and Judaic and Christian Zionism and what do all these religious beliefs have in common?  They all teach that there will be a future physical kingdom of God on earth ruled by the chosen people of God, in most scenarios, the carnal line of Abrahamic Judaics.  In ignorance of Truth and devoid of history, in most cases, these religious denominations go about cursing and demeaning those who try to show them their errors of interpretation.  Rather than study to show themselves approved unto God, rightly dividing the Scriptures, they continue leading others into the worship of men.

What most within churchianity are ignorant of, no matter their status, is that nearly all false religions which originated the teaching of a future physical kingdom of God on earth are less than 200 years old.  Prior to this time the entirety of Christianity, including the pagan religion of Roman Catholicism, taught and believed that the Kingdom of God was a spiritual reality.  They taught and believed that no future kingdom on earth was coming except that heavenly Kingdom which would appear at the end of the world and the genesis of a new heavens and a new earth as described in Scripture. 

However, the teaching of Dispensationalism, born in the early 1800's, changed all this and for the last two centuries the majority of churchianity has been sold a deceptive bill of goods.  Christians have been wrongly instructed they will be escaping the earth before the end of the world in a secret rapture, that there will be a future earthly kingdom ruled by carnal Jews and their Messiah from the physical city of Jerusalem and that God's grace now supplants righteous behavior and obedience to the commands of YHWH.

This is the tragedy of today's churchianity and this is why what poses as truth today in most churches claiming to be Christian is nothing more than an archaic Jewish fable.  When the Christ from Nazareth walked this planet 2,000 years ago He constantly warned His followers to be wary of the Jews and their lies.  And not those Jews who believed on Him but those of the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, scribes, and Sadduces that rejected their own Messiah and killed the Prophets before Him.  This group is still with us today.  They are known as Orthodox Judaism and they have been aptly described by the Christ Himself as composing the synagogue of Satan.  These are demonic men who seek not only to destroy the works of Christianity but to rule over it along with the rest of the world.  Just as Yahshua taught, genuine followers of Him are to love their enemies and do good to those that persecute them.  But we are not instructed to buy into their traditions and lies.  Many recognize the evil men of our day but still cannot discern them to be of the same lot the Savior of Mankind cursed in the first century B.C.E.  

The kingdom to come on this earth which is nearing its final stages of preparation is a Luciferian kingdom of darkness ruled by illuminated men of antiquity.  They fully intend to welcome their christ, Lucifer, as the Scorpion king - which most of churchianity has been prepared to accept as Jesus Christ.  The world has bought into this lie and when those arise who dare challenge this deception, their characters are assassinated, they're accused of anti-Semitism, some are imprisoned, and many even killed.  Is this any different then what happened to Jesus Christ and His Apostles?  The Savior of mankind did not deliver an earthly kingdom to the physical people of Israel.  He did not defeat the Romans in their sight nor did He rescue them from oppression.  What He did do was use the Romans to destroy their holy temple and disperse them amongst the nations.  And He stated this would be their curse until the end of time.  What we are witnessing today with the antichrist State of Israel is not the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.  It is the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel.  And most within Christendom do not oppose it for fear of those who erroneously consider themselves Jews. 

It has taken Zephon Ministries almost 20 years to realize its mistakes in seeking to give blind guides the benefit of the doubt out of ignorance and misplaced trust.  And now it is this ministry's sole mission to wake up the lost sheep before it's too late to speak freely without reprisal of retribution and imprisonment.  Today in Europe it is a crime to speak out against the State of Israel, the so-called Holocaust, and Jewish Supremacy.  It is this socialist agendum that has now reached the shores of the United States of America.  And it won't be long before the freedom of speech is disallowed here as well when it comes to exposing the workers of iniquity.  The moneychangers have a stronghold, once again, in the Temple of God and it is the duty of every disciple of the Genuine Son of God to pick up their whips and chase them from His house of prayer.

It is to the Church's great peril not to wake up and realize how they have been lulled into carnality through the literal and physical interpretation of certain prophetical Scriptures.  The Truth can only be spiritually discerned; and it can only be spiritually understood.  Throughout the New Testament and Old verse after verse attests to the Kingdom of God coming to earth.  Not physically, but spiritually.  The New Covenant is rather plain in its definition of Israel, the true Jew, the Temple of God, and the new Jerusalem.  But just as it was for this author so it yet remains for many.  In order to see the Truth one must have spiritual discernment; for the carnal mind cannot understand the things of the Spirit.  So many today are yet thinking in the physical - and this is why most in America today who consider themselves Christian have yet to come near to the fullness of the stature of Christ.  While they desire nothing more than the glorification of their mortal flesh their unbelief prohibits them from understanding.  They have believed a carnal lie and are spiritually blinded as a result.

The State of Israel today is home to the most antichrist nation on earth.  Its rebirth in 1948 was an architecture of its god, Lucifer, and his rebellious plan of the ages to rule the world with a faux peace from a Masonic temple in Jerusalem.  What is amazing is how strategically this intelligent Adversary has played those who are supposed to be his arch-enemies, namely the chosen priesthood of Yahweh under the rule of Melchisedec.  The disciples of Jesus Christ the Righteous, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, have not paid heed to His warnings two millennia ago when he cursed the Jews and took their kingdom from them and gave it to another.  Nor have they, it seems, given due diligence to the study of His precious Word.  While some have discerned the mysteries of Christ many have not and now they will pay the price for their ignorance unless they fall to their knees and pray for wisdom and knowledge only the True and Faithful Author of Life can grant.

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