Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Temple of God

WASHINGTON - The majority of citizens on planet Earth today have virtually no accurate idea regarding what is about to occur relative to the End of Days as foretold by prophets, seers, sages, and demonically inspired spirit guides.  Especially in the United States of America can it honestly be said that nearly the entirety of Christendom is totally oblivious as to what is truly happening relative to the kingdom of God on earth.  Whether Evangelical, Protestant, Mormon or Roman Catholic, most who claim to be Christian have had the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to the study of the End Times.  And sadly, the deception has been fostered upon a population of willfully ignorant believers in most cases.  Religiosity and churchianity have accomplished their goal of creating, in modern times, a Church which is basically a spiritually dumbed down group of sheople adhering to idiotic doctrines from wolves in sheep's clothing posing as ministers of righteousness.  With that said, there is always a remnant which can see through this veil of trickery and have not bought into the delusion of the latter days.

Even so, one teaching of eschatology today that is ripe with deception is the teaching on the Temple of God.  If one has been paying attention to the corporate news lately they have been witness to the escalation of rhetoric and propaganda concerning Israel and the United States.  While nominal Christians believe this banter back and forth between Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, and President Barack Hussein Obama is the beginning salvo of the march toward the Battle of Armageddon they are being sorely mislead.  Others are sure the globe is dangerously close to the commencement of the Day of the Lord as foretold in the Holy Scriptures.  Again, such are and have been seduced by the craftiness of deceit.

An important help to keep in mind when considering the biblical issues of End Time prophecy is seeking to carefully employ scriptural discernment.  Many watchmen today are teaching things from carnal intellect rather than spiritual revelation.  As well, those claiming to be receiving spiritual revelation are not immune either from the wiles of the Enemy.  It takes a balance of wisdom and knowledge to properly digest what the True and Faithful Witness is speaking to the hearts of His people today.  While many current events seem to validate the end-time guru's understandings of last days prophecies, they are in actuality proving these certain teachers to have no spiritual prowess and biblical discernment.  Rather than letting the Scriptures interpret themselves these false prophets continue to rely upon personal interpretations.  Graciously, many ministries over time have acknowledged their errors in misinterpreting Scriptural truths and wrongly applying current events to fit biblical prophecies of which Zephon Ministries is thankful to have been a part.

When one understands that everything today occurring in the state of Israel is on purpose and meant to deceive the profane and goyim then this person is better suited to accurately decipher the mystical messages being delivered.  The State of Israel is not at odds with the United States of America, intellectually or otherwise.  Zionist Jews run the government of America.  Furthermore, these Jews are not the biblical children of God but, most often, satanic Masons in league with their father, the Devil.  The American people, in particular, are being shown a rehearsed drama practiced over the centuries by Illuminists which is specifically tailored and designed for the ignorant masses within Christendom thereby persuading them to buy into the fable.  The Masonic handlers of both Netanyahu and Obama are well in control of their puppets.  For example, Rahm Israel Immanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, is a Zionist Jew which also served the Israeli Defense Forces in the first Gulf War.  He is one of the Judaic powers behind the seemingly Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama; and he is amongst the many persuading people to believe a Jewish lie.

And this lie is that the kingdom to come on this earth will be the kingdom of heaven coming down from above when in reality it will be a new world order designed by the mysterious Babylon the Great in order to deceive the whole world.  The impending nuclear war between Israel and Iran, later to involve China, Russia, and the United States is not the battle of Armageddon but the third World War calculated to eliminate Zionism and Muhammadism.  The chaos leading up to this event both in nature and politics is not the hand of God pouring out His wrath upon an unrepentant world as much as it is purposely created environmental and political "false flag" terrorism prodding the planet to look for an external savior.  And the savior waiting in the wings is not the antichrist nor Jesus Christ of Nazareth from the 1st century but a Masonic christ which will install the age of Judaic Supremism upon what's left of a beleaguered world looking for peace and security.

The "hoopla" about the building of a third Jewish temple in Palestine, upon the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, is the ultimate goal of Judaic Freemasonry and has been since the destruction of Solomon's temple nearly 2500 years ago.  The world is now witnessing the precursors to this construction taking place.  However, unlike what modern churchianity and Kabbalist Judaism preach, this temple will NOT be the temple of God nor is it true and necessary that a third temple be completed in order for biblical prophecies to be fulfilled.  Ironically, this temple will likely be built not only to fulfill ancient Kabbalist prophecies from Judaic Rabbis but also to deceive the Christian world into accepting the Satan as the Christ who rewards the Judaics (Jews) with their long awaited dominion over the entire planet.  While seemingly sincere, Orthodox Judaism represents a cursed people not the saved and chosen "holy" people of YHWH.

Those who are patiently in "The Way", who are following "The Truth" and "The Life", recognize the deceptions others do not.  And this writer personally believes most of the reason many cannot even begin to grasp what is occurring is because, in one way or another, they still fall at the feet of Mammon and drink from the tainted waters of Babylonianism.  In the United States, this delusion stems from the worship of the State.  Many so-called Christians boast of their pride and love for America and her Masonic ideals.  Any mixture of the profane with the holy will always reward its adherents with susceptibility to delusions of grandeur.  More importantly, the reason many within churchianity cannot thoroughly discern between evil and good is because they mix their beliefs with paganism and idolatry.  Is it any wonder then that many who proclaim to believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, are deceived when it comes to understanding His truths?  And if this be the case with Christianity then how much more so is Judaism accursed?

The temple of God is within us if we are called by His Name and chosen according to His will.  His temple is a corporate body of believers spiritually united in Him.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not the same god of the Orthodox Pharisees and Jews today.  And His temple is not a temple made with hands nor will He ever dwell in an earthly physical structure again.  Whether the Jews determine to destroy the Muslim al-Aqsa mosque or build their third temple next to it is irrelevant other than when understanding it to be a satanic house of idol worship.

The Zionists, whether under the mantle of Christianity or Judaism, are deceived if they believe the God of the Holy Bible places any value upon the physical city of Jerusalem today.  While, at one time, this city was called a city of peace and the city of God - today, and for millennia the city of Jerusalem is and has been referred to as the home of Babylonian whoredoms.  Babylon the Great is its resident evil.  Yahshua, Jesus Christ the Righteous, called Jerusalem Sodom and Egypt.  That has not changed.  It is a wicked city in an evil nation.  And when the temple of Solomon is rebuilt it will stand for every demonic and harlotous rebellion against the True Messiah of Israel ever conceived in the mind of man. 

The Illuminati fully intend to bring about their "light bearer."  And this personage will radiate from Jerusalem his thousand points of light. But first they have prepared a false messiah to fool not only wayward Judaics but apostate Christians, as well, into accepting him as the "antichrist."  Once this "antichrist" is revealed then they will bring about their true god, Lucifer.  At this time, most people of earth, especially so-called Christians will be too traumatized, mesmerized, and terrorized to realize they are worshipping a god masquerading as an angel of light.  The kingdom they will then be initiated into will be the thousand year reign of the fourth Reich.  The ancient mystery school of religion will have its Masonic christ and its Jewish kingdom.

"Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?"
The Jewish Tribune - NY, October 28, 1927

"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
                                                       Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

"You do a great honor to Jerusalem. This is natural, considering that King Solomon was the great builder of the temple, which is at the roots of the Masonic idea, and that his workmen were the first Masons. . . .The principles of Freemasonry are all contained in the Book of Books of the Jewish people."

   Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Israel Meier Lau
"Israel: There is a Pact between Politicians and Masons"                                                  
                     La Republica - October 1993