Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ignorance Is Bliss

WASHINGTON - As America begins to embark upon her sunset years the vast majority of her citizens are totally unaware of what lies just beyond the horizon.  Her fate has been brewing for decades yet it is this generation which will see the cup of her abominations overflow.  The secret destiny of the United States of America is soon to be revealed to all those who carelessly dwell within her borders unashamedly ignorant of the enemy's game plan for infamous 'Lady Liberty.'

Have you ever wondered why some people just "get it" and others go through the entirety of their lives without ever coming to the knowledge of the Truth?  Some folks seem to have an innate curiosity about them always questioning what they see and hear while the larger population, as a whole, is simply a group of followers.  What separates the sheep from the goats; the wheat from the tares?  Why is it not everyone "gets it"?

Very few today pursue Truth.  While they are inundated constantly with knowledge here, there, and everywhere they have very little wisdom, it seems, when it comes to being able to discern fact from fiction.  For example, in the case of politics and religion most simply adhere to what they're told to believe, feel, and judge.  And very few ever venture beyond these man-made boundaries.  They never challenge the status-quo nor "rock the boat."  They are fearful of reprisal, lack courage, and don't want to be labeled as a "trouble-maker" so they continue "going along to get along".  People like this, sadly, are who politicians and religious leaders love the most.  For it is these people who fill the coffers of the government and the churches without as much as a whimper of protest.  And this is why throughout history the prophets of Truth have always been maligned, beaten and murdered.

In the Bible it tells how the Israelites of Old refused to hear God's prophets and rather than believe and obey they grumbled, cursed, and sought vengeance upon the anointed of the LORD.  Today it is no different.  There are those who believe vain philosophy and the traditions of men are more important than knowing and applying Truth and so they, too, slaughter the messengers of God, both figuratively and literally.  Rather than come to the knowledge of the Truth - their ignorance results in them being deluded into believing a lie.

Modern man is not so modern after all.  What many believe to be original ideas birthed in the technologically advanced era of the 21st century are just relabeled lies of antiquity.  Moral universalism and nihilism taught by humanists like Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche presently being regurgitated by contemporary atheists like Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project and Peter Joseph, producer of the Zeitgeist documentaries, are philosophies that predate Socrates and the mystics of East Asia; they are nothing new.  While they encompass a great wealth of true and factual information - the ultimate Truth is lost in translation.

In other words - in the case of religion for example, many today in Christianity are preaching another Jesus; a Jesus that is not Scriptural.  While some may believe Jesus Christ is a myth or simply just "another" sun god the Truth of the matter is that the man, Yahshua, was a real flesh and blood human being that existed 2,000 years ago.  What is purposely kept hidden from most of mankind is the proof of His divinity and ongoing rulership in the heavens.  Men today will accept something as far-fetched as Darwinism without a shred of empirical evidence yet scoff at the existence of a personal Savior of mankind.  They relegate the Bible to a book of fables yet do so in ignorance not knowing that archaeological finds such as Noah's Ark, Sodom, the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny, amongst other notable pieces of ancient history are supressed by very powerful entities lest the Truth become more widely known and the enemy's system of control compromised.

Today men accept unproven theories like the "Big Bang" and Evolution as factual truth when it takes much more faith to believe in such farcical ideas than it does to simply believe in a redeeming Creator.  The scientific world accepts Creationism in greater number than it does Evolution, yet the minority of Atheists controlling the levers of information in scientific circles propagandizes the population into believing just the opposite in order to realize their sinister global ambitions.  Men who deny the supernatural are the most ignorant of all.  So much so that they don't even know they are being manipulated by forces they reason intellectually can't possibly exist.

Thomas Paine, a Founding Father of America, once stated: "The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally paid to the sun."  While it's true that Christianity as defined by Roman Catholicism is nothing but the disguised sun god worship of ancient Egypt there is still a true Faith that exists apart from this demonstrative lie that has held religious men hostage for 1,700 years.  While all religions of the world placate a false god(s) and/or goddess(es) derived from the worship of the sun, moon, and stars there has always been a separated group of mankind that has held the Truth in honesty and without compromise.  This special people throughout the centuries have always endured the wrath and hatred of an unbelieving world whether it stemmed from those within a professed religious confession or an outside heathen element; all have sought to quiet the Truth tellers.

While it's relatively simple for some to know and understand the Truth to others this genuine wisdom is hidden and difficult to grasp.  Why is this so?  The natural or intellectual man trying to comprehend and lay hold on the Scriptural truths of the Bible is like an elementary school science class receiving a homework assignment to study the laws of physics and then being able to design, manufacture and launch a manned mission to Saturn.  It simply can't be done.  Yet, this is what enlightened intellectuals do when they reason from their carnal understanding truths that can only be grasped spiritually.  Once one dismisses the supernatural they become utterly devoid of truth and in essence, become their own god. 

What most Atheists and Agnostics are ignorant of is that without exception, ALL leaders and heads of state across the globe are religionists.  They believe in absolute evil.  They venerate entities, principalities, and powers who occupy dimensions other than the physical universe of mankind.  This is the art of deception.  And this art has taken captive many who ignorantly believe they are following the truth.  The Founders of American government in the 1770's were religious men.  They were deists.  They believed the laws of nature governed the world and they adhered to a belief in nature's god.  Even they did not fully succumb to Platonian philosophy.  However, they venerated the wrong deity.  Their god was the founder of false religion.  Consequently, they lost sight of their true purpose for living.

What if the whole cause of man is to glorify and worship His Creator?  What if all that mankind holds dear - family, friends, country and brotherhood - are only distractions from a higher calling?  While mankind busies himself with pleasure, entertainment, war, destruction and strife the Truth does not cease to exist.  Very few find the narrow path that leads to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Most are busy living life paying no attention to the fact that one day they will die and then it will be too late to believe.  It will be too late to change.  It will be too late to alter one's reality.  Once a man dies he enters another state of being - a state many religions teach and believe but very few understand.  What if a man learns after his death that his whole life was lived in vain and blissful ignorance?  How will he change then when it is too late?  It is appointed unto man to die once.  Just once; then comes the judgment.  For those that do not die to themselves in this life and obey their Creator they will die in their ignorance and awake on the other side full of remorse, anger, and resentment.  But they will have no one to blame but themselves.

So for those that have patently rejected Jesus Christ in this life, and relegated Him to the ash heap of false gods, denying His Divinity, and replacing their adoration of Him with idols and traditions of men they will leave this plane of existence under condemnation.  As someone once said, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."  While some of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America may have had the best of intentions in various regards, while the Buddha and Dali Lama sought enlightenment with deceptive intentions along with the antichrist Popes of Rome they all sought it without Absolute Truth and based their religions on a lie.  Men will continue to follow men until they ultimately deify themselves.  Imagine - the created proclaiming himself creator.  To the wise this is utter foolishness - but to the deceived - it is man's destiny.

Truly then - ignorance is bliss!

(Zeitgeist Refuted - Final Cut - 120 min.)