Friday, October 8, 2010

Is Everyone Asleep?

WASHINGTON - Well, here we are on the edge of the cliff, the proverbial end of the world as it were - at least, financially.  Very few people ever involve themselves outside their own realm of existence.  They go to and fro within their own daily lives yet very seldom ever venture into the greater realm of understanding.  As long as their own world is relatively secure they do not feel the need nor possess the desire to educate themselves on global issues, let alone local and national ones.  To such people, the obvious always catches them by surprise.

Case in point - over the last two years one has had to literally have lived in a shell in order to escape the daily propaganda about the Financial Crisis in the United States as well as around the world.  The daily headlines are chalk full of doom and gloom and contrariwise, tales of economic recovery and boom times to come.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist mentality to figure out the ignorant are being taken for a ride and the foolish are being set-up for a catastrophic fall.  But what about the wise?

In 2009, Zephon Ministries began to alert those who would listen about what was to come concerning the economy in light of the stock market and financial collapse in the summer of 2008.  This ministry published reports from respectable individuals who were predicting the end of Western Society as it has been known since the days of the Roaring '20's of yesteryear just prior to the second greatest American financial collapse which became known as the Great Depression.

Today, in 2010, not only America, but the entire world is experiencing the foremost financial collapse of all time.  While life may seem difficult for some in the United States, this country pales in comparison to many countries around the globe who are writhing in internal rebellion and chaos as a direct result of economic collapse.  Even so, our time to experience widespread unrest and revolt is just around the corner.  While the masses go on with their daily grind as though it wasn't really all that bad, the ones who experienced it first hand have begun to realize their former life is never going to return.  They have begun to adjust to frozen wages, less hours available to work, higher taxes, and minimal return on  their investments.  They question how an inflated U.S. Stock Market can continue to rise as the value of the dollar falls while at the same time precious metals and commodities soar.  While they may no longer be completely held in the dark concerning the future of America - for the rest the surprise is yet to come.

On Monday, October 4th, 2010, Ben Bernanke, the current Federal Reserve Chairman and Harvard trained Jewish Economist made a most profound speech in front of the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council in which he all but predicted the utter financial collapse of the United States Government, all State Governments and local municipalities within the next few years.  He did not mince his words for those with ears to hear.  Although he employs double-speak and Orwellian innuendo, it is relatively apparent that the Chief of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is stopping shy of buying a truck load of groceries and guns and heading for the hills.  Why didn't his prophetic speech make the six o'clock news?

This writer still cynically believes most everyone is still fast asleep and could care-a-less.  On with their lives they go oblivious to the unstable bottom which is about to fall out from beneath everyone's feet, or at least those who aren't paying attention.

The majority of controlled sheople aren't asking the very important questions because they don't even understand the dire circumstances in which they will soon be thrust into, never mind the absolute collapse already well underway.

Why all of the sudden (according to the corporate Press) has the largest bank in America stopped selling foreclosed real estate properties?   This is only the beginning.   

The full text of Mr. Bernanke's speech can be read by clicking here.