Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Between Enlightenment And Idolatry

WASHINGTON - Here we are again, the season of Lent, at the beginning of Spring.  The hordes of churchianity prepared to celebrate another Easter.  Year after year, decade after decade, century after century, it's the same old thing.  Another Easter season comes and another Easter season goes.  The saddest thing of all is most people never change.  They remain idolaters and their discernment fades more and more - less able to judge right from wrong, truth from error, light from darkness.

One would expect the largest satanic cult in the world to continue celebrating the pagan rites of Spring - but what about those who call themselves 'true' followers of Jesus Christ, Yahshua?  

Zephon Ministries doesn't waste precious time trying to convert Roman Catholics from the celebration of Easter.  For it is their holiday.  Patrons of the Roman Church ceasing to celebrate the demonic Mass during the witches high sabbats of Christmas and Easter is as likely as the Klu Klux Klan appointing a negro Pope as their Grand Wizard - it's just not going to happen in our lifetime.

But what about those who claim to be Bible believing, God fearing Christian disciples of Jesus Christ? Why do these people continue worshiping idols?  It all comes down to spiritual discernment.  Of which, today, the churches in the West have little, if any.

President Obama embracing Billy Graham
What this writer refers to as Hagee Heretics run the Christian Evangelical movement in America and the West. Nine out of 10 people who claim to be "born again" Christians are nothing short of an imposter.  They revere men like the Rev. Billy Graham, John Hagee, James Dobson and Rick Warren never realizing they are following after disciples of the Devil.

John Hagee and the Hexagram
These men say all the right things and use all the correct "Christian" lingo to bait the sheep that are totally oblivious that they are being eaten alive by wolves.  Instead of the world hating these men, as it should according to the Bible, these men are loved by Presidents, Popes, politicians and Hollywood vipers.  That is because the world loves its own.

Many believers try and justify their annual celebration of pagan fertility rites as indeed Christian.  In fact, years ago the ministers of darkness became very creative in their endeavors at masking the true origins of Easter as some under their leadership were beginning to awaken to the deception.  But alas, the false shepherds put them right back to sleep with clever renaming campaigns.  No longer would they freely use the pagan term, Easter, but instead they'd begin calling it Resurrection Day, or Passover Sunday, or any other number of false descriptions to lull the sheep back to the slaughter lines.

The truth of the matter is most believers today have no discernment whatsoever because they have long discarded the Bible as the final authority on all matters spiritual.  They turn instead to their priests, pastors, and popes to enlighten them.  And enlighten them they do - with luminescence from the one who poses as an angel of light - the Serpent.  Frighteningly, most do so willingly.  They know the Truth is available but deliberately choose to embrace the Lie. 

Rick Warren at Obama Inauguration
People who attend churches today fear man, not God.  They fear embarrassing reprisals from their family and friends should they determine to obey Jesus Christ and His commandments over their loved ones.  So they continue on with their sunrise services, their 40 days of abstinence, their pretty colored eggs and baskets, their traditional hams and hot cross buns, their judaizing with Americanized Passover Seders and all things idolatrous just so they can feel good about themselves.  As though doing such endears them to the Savior.  What it does is seal their destruction but they know it not.  Their minds have become reprobate.  The affairs and cares of this life have overcome them and they serve Jesus Christ in so far as there is no pain or suffering.  But when the hard choice arises to take up their cross, forsaking all others whether it be family or friends, and follow the Jesus Christ of Nazareth - they instead return to Egypt and become just like the world around them.

The purpose of this short article is not to insult the readership, nor falsely accuse the brethren - but to make light of a very dire circumstance today in America and the World.  What passes as Christianity is really nothing less than a grand revival of the ancient mystery religion of Babylon with all its pomp and circumstance.  No longer are demonic cults, that hold sway over millions, like Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam called out for being antichrist religions - they are instead embraced by so-called Christians as faiths worshiping the One True God.

If you dare take the mantle of disciple of Jesus Christ upon yourself and continue mixing light and dark, evil and good, Christ and Baal, then know one thing  . . . your damnation slumbereth not.  Repent.  Turn back to your first love.  Or suffer the consequences of one whose love of the world and its festivities makes you an enemy of God.

The Great I AM, YHWH, does not tolerate our Easter services, our Easter dinners, and our Easter trinkets nor does He overlook the innocence we try to fool Him with when we determine to please ourselves and our families over Him.  He is a jealous God.  And this worldliness only does one thing - it provokes Him to anger.

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend 
of the world is the enemy of God.

James 4:4