Monday, November 18, 2013

A Peculiar People - Part II

WASHINGTON -   What is a Christian?

I've often heard the following question posed many times by "Christian" teachers and preachers in America then subsequently wondered how they arrived at their definition of a Christian.  The question they ask is this: 
"If you were arrested for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?"
While it may seem an elementary question easily dismissible maybe you could ponder it for a moment.  If you consider yourself a Christian what delineates you from the world around you?

Sadly, for most people who claim to be Christian the differences are minuscule, if not microscopic.  For the majority, because they've recited the "sinners prayer" and read their Bible on occasion as well as go to church once or twice a week and perhaps refrain from vulgar language and desist from viewing worldly entertainment they think themselves saved.  Maybe they feel they give to the poor more than others or take care of those in need by looking in on the orphans and the widows.  Yet couldn't these things be said of just about every law-abiding conservative and moral person in the United States?  Is this what defines a Christian?

In a few weeks so-called Christians the world over will partake in yet another winter festival called Yule, bidding farewell to old-man Winter and welcoming the birth of the sun.

Yule: Nordic god
They will decorate their homes with evergreens and holly - with reds and greens, with twinkling lights and a festive decorated tree, they will give gifts to one another and sing carols all the while gathering at their local parish offering up worship to the Christ-child of the Nativity and remembering a birth which just happens to perfectly coincide with an ancient Babylonian god named Tammuz.  All of this is tradition carried over from the pagan traditions of the Roman Saturnalia and Jesus Christ hates it.  Yet those who claim to be His followers continue blindly forward thinking themselves Christian totally oblivious to the judgment that awaits them.  They think nothing of celebrating alongside the heathen world a holiday founded in darkness.  What makes such people excuse Christ's holy commands?
What is the definition of a true Christian?   

Firstly, a Christian is a disciple of Jesus Christ.  That is, they strive to follow and obey Christ's commands, called the Beatitudes, given on the Mount of Olives in the beginning of the 1st century.  Found in the fifth chapter of the biblical book of Matthew these dictates can rightly be called the foundation of Christian discipleship.
Seeing then that a Christian is a disciple of Jesus Christ and a disciple is one who follows and obeys their Master then why do most professing Christians today follow someone else all the while considering themselves Christian?  

For example, the largest institutionalized "Christian" sect on earth is Roman Catholicism.  Yet, this sect doesn't follow and obey Jesus Christ.  The Roman church follows and obeys ordinary sinful men.  While most Roman Catholics prefer themselves to be called Christians they are anything but . . . . . . for Roman Catholics are taught and frightened into believing that a human Pope and his Magisterium are Jesus Christ on this earth and that it is only they which can interpret the Holy Scriptures and thus disciple people into the Faith of the church universal.  Many articles have been written about the satanic enterprise known as Catholicism so no further commentary will be offered here.  

Next, we have another "Christian" sect called Protestantism which claims to be comprised of true believers yet they, too, follow mere ordinary men and their doctrines.  Men like John Calvin and Martin Luther are these "Christians" leaders, not Jesus Christ.  

Then we have cultic sects that claim to be Christian such as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.  Yet these, too, seek to follow and obey the dictates of mere men like Joseph Smith and Charles Taze Russell.  

So what really is a Christian then?  Are Catholics Christian?  How about Calvinists and Lutherans?  What about Reformed Protestants or Mormons and JW's?  Or any of the other 50,000+ sects that claim to be Christian?  

The definitive answer to all of these questions is a resounding "no!"  The only people on this planet that can even remotely attest to being called Christians are those which place Jesus Christ and His teachings above all others.

True Christians have been hated and ridiculed for centuries.  They have been persecuted, maimed, and martyred.  This is not to say a Calvinist nor a Catholic cannot be a Christian disciple for surely they can.  However, they must extricate themselves from the subjugation of men and return strictly unto the LORD that pardoned their sins.  The fearful and the timid can only look forward to being cast alive into the lake of fire - so with courage and boldness must disciples of Jesus Christ leave their respective sects if those sects are under the control of devilish men who teach damnable heresies. So many are under the spell of wicked men who control them with the fear that to "leave" their certain sect is to turn their back on Christ and His church.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.

Today, the gospel taught in most "Christian" churches is a market driven gospel.  It's a gospel which is seeking to sheer the world all the while claiming to 'save' it.  Christians, however,  aren't supposed to be saving the world, and in the case of the United States, neither are they supposed to be seeking the salvation of America.  We're supposed to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  We're supposed to be serving only one Master.  

Amongst the Church of Jesus Christ today there are many professors of Christianity but very few doers of Christianity.  That is, most today simply pay lip service to Jesus Christ.  They neither know Him nor believe in Him albeit they offer plenteous cries of praise and worship to the contrary.  

For example, American Christians have been wrongly taught that the United States of America was borne as a Christian nation.  As a result, they've also been sidetracked from what it means to be a true and effective disciple of Jesus Christ rather than one who is merely a Christian in name only.  Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to love their enemies and do good to those that hate and persecute them (Matt. 5:44).
But, in the case of American Christians, this teaching of Jesus is superseded by that of John Calvin who taught it was biblical not only to not do good to ones enemies but also to kill them in order to protect ones own life and liberty. 

Many Christians in America today are not worshipping Jesus Christ but have fashioned unto themselves a false god named "liberty."   The theory of "just war" can be nowhere found in the teachings of Jesus Christ nor His Apostles.  It can, however, be found originating in the minds of apostates such as St. Augustine of the 4th century.  Men who brought in damnable heresies denying even the LORD that bought them with His precious blood, (2 Peter 2:1-2).  

Often times you hear some teachers employ the term "worldly" or "carnal" Christians.  What they are intending to say is that some Christians may partake in sin just as the world around them but yet still remain a disciple of Jesus Christ.  This is a deceptively crafted lie.  The soul that sinneth shall surely die (Ezekiel 18:19-23).
Most people who claim to be Christian have been taught that all they need do is ascend to a right system of thought and they will be eternally saved from damnation.  They've been seduced unawares into a Gnostic gospel condemned by Christ and His Apostles rather than standing firm in the true gospel.  In other words, they recite and believe the Apostle's Creed and then think they will not ever perish.  

Most are then led to believe that if they seek to do good works, go to church, and read their Bible then they are a disciple of Jesus Christ.  But is this true?

If you look very closely at the $100 bills in the picture you might be amazed to learn that one of the bills shown is counterfeit.  However, before you strain yourself looking I can rest-assure you that you'll never find the difference until a much wiser and more knowledgeable expert shows you the intense analysis it takes to recognize the genuine.  In like manner did Jesus Christ reveal that it will only be His wisdom and intellect that will be able to distinguish between the holy and the profane, the real and the fake, the wheat and the tare, the professing Christian from the genuine disciple.  While humans can detect a false prophet or teacher by their fruits only Jesus Christ can absolutely condemn the same. 

Christ states that many thinking themselves saved because of their good works and their loyal beliefs in Him will find themselves utterly shocked and horrified to learn that they are being cast out and denied entry to His kingdom.

The reason He gives for this is because He never knew them.  Oh yes, they knew and believed the Apostle's Creed, they did many wonderful Christian works in His name, they preached the Gospel and lived what they perceived to be upright and holy lives - but in the end He denies them entrance to His Heaven because they thought their sin would be excused, their disobedience would be excused, their ignorance would be understood, and their refusal to obey His commandments would be overlooked.   Instead of listening and obeying Him they elected rather to align themselves with the dictates of fallen men.

For those who are sincerely interested in pursuing a walk of holiness and truly understanding what Christianity is as taught by Jesus Christ, His Apostles, and the earliest Christians then allow me to recommend an older book written by a dear brother who presently continues edifying those who honestly seek the true path of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Today, most Christians in America are on the broad path to destruction.  Many have been misled and lied to by wolves in sheep's clothing and others have been simply following blind guides.  They've been bottle fed a constant diet of "milk" for so long that they neither desire nor demand the "meat" of the Word any longer.

This writer's prayer is that those who know they are lukewarm may awake to righteousness and join the pursuit of the Holy before society comes crumbling down around them and they are forever overtaken by the affairs and cares of this life thus sealing their fate along with the rest of the damned.

It's actually quite easy to determine if you are a Christian.  Are you obeying His commandments?

If you take an honest accounting of yourself and find you are just like those around you - fitting in perfectly with an unregenerate world by your actions - participating in the same heathen celebrations and entertainments as the unregenerate and all the while insisting you're heaven-bound because you may go to church, read your Bible and say a few prayers here and there you can rest-assured you are NOT a Christian. 

If your priorities are centered more upon your family and country rest-assured you are NOT a Christian.

If you believe being baptized into a church system of religion saves you from destruction rest-assured you are NOT a Christian.

If you are making this life your home by acquiring more and more material goods and busying yourself with the affairs and cares of this world rest-assured you are NOT a Christian.

You may be a believer but that does NOT make you a disciple.  So what then separates you from the demons?

Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the demons also believe, and tremble.
James 2:19

Disciple or Believer?