Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Christ Really In Christmas?

WASHINGTON - As our video ministry progresses it has come at the expense of this blog.  As a result, not too many writings have been posted recently.  

However, again we find ourselves at the holiday season and I thought it apropos regarding this time of year to once more offer a bit of insight as to why many of us abstain from the frolic and jovial goings on as the calendar once again winds down.

Kirk Cameron's latest Film
The actor, Kirk Cameron, of which I have written about in previous blogs relative to his ties to the Masonic version of Christianity, has recently released a motion picture entitled: Saving Christmas - Put Christ back in Christmas.

While it is no small coincidence Mr. Cameron mimics the motto of the occult Roman Catholic secret society, The Knights of Columbus, and their mantra to "keep Christ in Christmas" - it should still be a clarion call to all those who still doubt how well entrenched Free-masonic principles are interlaced with the Roman Catholic holiday of Christ's Mass.

Below you'll find a short and informative radio interview that was supposed to feature Kirk Cameron defending his position on the holiday - however, Mr. Cameron kept postponing his appearance, for what appears to be evasive reasons.

None the less, this video is provided for those who still may question just what is the truth about Christmas?

Radio Interview


Mr. Staley's Original Feature Video on Christmas

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