Friday, September 25, 2015


Episode One Now on YouTube
WASHINGTON -  Zephon Ministries announces its new series:  "The Biblicist", hosted by Todd Diezsi.  This program will attack a lot of 'sacred cows' within Christendom today which are unbiblical and in dire need of revision.

Most Christians DO NOT read their Bibles.  They say they do, but the facts betray their ignorance of the Word.  The churches of Jesus Christ today are filled, literally, with unbelievers.

The Biblicist episodes will seek to prod the 'pew warmers', the 'lukewarm' and the unbelieving toward a deeper study of the fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith.  The current gospel being promulgated by those who claim to be Christian is, in most cases, completely foreign to the Holy Scriptures.

Our first episode is now available on YouTube.

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