Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

WASHINGTON - As the world is on the cusp of yet another 'new year', according to the Western calendar, I thought it apropos to announce something of great significance relative to Zephon Ministries.

In the coming year this blog-site will be edited and perhaps some articles that are presently posted will be slated to be expunged.  

For those who have followed this ministry over the last two decades you well know that by His Grace it has always been this author's intent to follow the leading of the Spirit in the pursuit of Truth no matter where it may lead or what it may entail. 

Earlier publications such as Prodigia Profiteri and Jacob's Letter from the 1990's were no longer published and even the Zephon Ministries website was pulled from the Internet a little over 5 years ago.  This was done for no other reason than to be responsible and cease teaching things that were not solely based on Scripture nor a sound biblical hermenuetic.

In like fashion, this blog-site may retain all it's articles thereby allowing the reader to follow the progression of thought and understanding over the years held by this ministry but with the strong caveat that due to greater light being shown the older articles do not reflect the current theology of this ministry.  Or, this blog-site may simply delete those articles which have since been proven to be, biblically, in error.

Case in point, is the eschatological view of Zephon Ministries.  This ministry began as staunchly Dispensational from a premillennial standpoint.  That is, concerning the "last days" - Zephon Ministries considered apocryphal books of the Bible to be nearly entirely yet future with regards to especially New Testament writings.  Sharing this view is almost the whole of Western, especially American, Evangelicalism today.

Zephon Ministries, in particular this certain author, has been gradually surrendering to what he believes to be a more biblical exegesis.  Namely, an eschatology whose hermenuetic is Preterist in application rather than Dispensational.

While this is still a minority view today and is sadly viewed as heretical by most within modern Evangelicalism this false accusation is unwarranted, I believe.  When one truly reads the Scripture allowing it to interpret itself there are many Scriptural questions that Preterism fully answers whereas Dispensational theology leaves these questions open-ended, confused, and altogether unanswerable from a biblical standpoint.

May I ask that you please be patient as this author works through this transition.  And as always, your questions, comments, and concerns are always dutifully noted and responded to in a timely manner - this will not cease.

So please look forward to upcoming videos addressing this subject on new episodes of The Biblicist in 2017.