Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Politics and the Kingdom

WASHINGTON - It seems many within the body of Christ today are participating, yet again, in the centuries-old deception of believing the Kingdom of God (Yahweh) is compatible with the diabolical kingdoms of this world.  What do I mean by this? 

In the 4th century, the fairly new entity known as Christianity melded itself to the political systems of human governance through the unification of 'church' and 'state.'  This occurred when Roman Emperor Constantine the Great professed a conversion from his pagan past and instead began to embrace the tenets of Christianity.  Most historians worth their salt have shown this profession of faith by Constantine to be simply political expediency rather than a true scriptural conversion. For example, Constantine proclaimed that the Jesus Christ of Scripture (completely juxtaposed to His holy nature) commanded him, through a self-proclaimed epiphany, to murder his enemies under the sign of the cross, later identified as the symbol of the Knights Templar. Likewise, many today proclaiming themselves Christians have again aligned themselves with the antichrist governments of the world in the hopes of once more ushering in a physical manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth, which is, in reality, actually a carnal kingdom and not the true spiritual kingdom of heaven.  

Fast forward to the Middle Ages and again, through the deceptive misrepresentations of Scripture, men hailed as great reformers once more convinced sincere adherents of Biblical Christianity that murdering one’s enemies was indeed the will of God.  It was through the teachings of Martin Luther and John Calvin that Puritanism gained a stronghold in the governments of Europe and later the United States of America - so much so that this 'version' of Christianity overtook the long-standing belief that Christians were to be the bearers of the 'Good News' through obedience, longsuffering, kindness and patience of loving their enemies. It instead taught that Christians were to be the instruments of God to bring in a physical Kingdom by violent force, if necessary, toward those who would dare defy the so-called commandments from Heaven.  

In America today, this deceptive teaching has again arisen within the Church of Jesus Christ.  Many believers have aligned themselves with the kingdoms of this world all the while remaining oblivious to the fact their unification of politics and religion has once more led them down the slippery slope to destruction.  

How appalling it is to see so-called men and women of God align themselves with the Roman Caesars of our present era all in the belief that they are fulfilling the Word of God.  

True Biblical Christianity and politics have not, nor ever will, mix.  The kingdom of darkness has no place alongside the Kingdom of Light, yet how many self-proclaimed Christians in the United States believe it is their solemn duty to their Savior Jesus Christ to expend precious energy casting a vote for the devil, so to speak? That is, whether one considers themselves a patriot or an anarchist, a Republican or a Democrat, a liberal or a conservative, they all agree, Christian or otherwise, that it is their duty to involve themselves in the carnal kingdoms of this world.  

How many Christians cast a vote for the current U.S. President, Donald Trump, last November?  Without the Evangelical vote Mr. Trump would have been assured defeat.  Yet Christians believed it their heavenly duty to empower yet another antichrist leader.  In this case, it’s a billionaire who loves money.  What do the Scriptures teach us concerning the love of money?  Anyone?  

It sickens me today to hear people of faith call for the annihilation of their fellow men through war, especially if they happen to be adherents under the spell of Islam.  How many Christians stand right behind their political and religious leaders calling for the physical destruction of their perceived enemies?  Men like John Hagee and John MacArthur, despite their denials, are nothing less than false teachers leading droves of Christians into a Christ-less eternity.  How can so-called Christians call for the murder of the unbelieving world?  Does our God take pleasure in the death of the wicked?  Does He not long for all to be saved? 

What about the Scriptures?  What about loving our enemies and doing good to those who persecute us?  What about obeying the just as well as the unjust?  

Most Christians today are "in-name" only believers.  Could they really stand with the John Husses and William Tyndales of centuries past?  Could they stand with those who have given up their lives for the sake of Christ and His Gospel?  

Christian, if you believe it is righteous to stand behind anyone, including the current President of the United States of America, who calls evil good and good evil all the while professing a faith in Jesus Christ, I'm sad to report you've been deceived.  Some of the most deceived believers today are those who fight in the Armed Forces.  They’ve been told to serve God is to serve Country.  To be obedient to God, they’re told, is to kill, if commanded, their enemies for the preservation of the State.  What an abomination to a holy, loving God.  How many more Muslims must die to satiate the blood-thirst of psuedo-Christianity? 

Never has the unbelieving world been the enemy of Christianity. It has been its greatest mission field.  We do not war against flesh and blood.  Christians who support the physical destruction of their enemies are no better than the ancient Jews who cried for the murder of their Messiah.  

Wake up, Christian.  Politics is no realm for the believer.  Most who state otherwise are still stuck under the Law.  They still reside immersed in the Old Covenant cheering the day when the 10 Commandments, once again, become the Law of the land.  They decry the politics of this world as though the politicians and religious leaders are somehow straying from their authority, yet all the while endlessly support them in the futile hope that they can make this world a better place.  

Friends, this world writhes in darkness.  It is the realm of the unbelieving.  Whether American, Russian, Israeli or Arab, the leaders of this world are NOT Christian.  Should we really expect them to behave as such?  Then why do many constantly seek to reform politics?  Has the endless list of compromising theologians ever truly changed the politics of the ungodly and unbelieving?  Why, for example, has America continually degenerated into a cesspool of sin and unbelief all the while having professing Christians in high places?  Could it be that the 'Christianity' of those within the political realm is, in fact, disingenuous?  

I always like to remind those who proclaim a faith in Christ Jesus that never once do we read of the apostles and disciples pining for this candidate or that in either the Sanhedrin or the Senate of Rome.  While we are to pray for our leaders, are we supposed to support them?  While we are to obey our leaders are we to encourage them in their unbelief?  While we, as Christians, are commanded to submit to both the evil and the good, does this mean we also call for the blood of innocents simply because our religious and/or political leaders identify them as national enemies of the State?  

Did the Apostle Paul use his Roman citizenship to defend his right to carry a sword for personal protection?  Did any of the Apostles defend their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  NO THEY DID NOT.  They were martyred for their Faith.  They sought to die to themselves.  They sought to give up their so-called liberties for righteousness.  They were set ablaze in the gardens of Nero and fed to ferocious animals in the middle of Rome.  

How many so-called Christians today state arrogantly it is their God-granted right to keep and bear arms and, if necessary, kill in order to protect their supposed rights?  Do such even understand the Gospel?  Do they even follow Jesus Christ? Are they even citizens of heaven?  They are lovers of self more than lovers of God.  They are not seeking Christ and His righteousness but going about to establish a righteousness of their own.  America is full of such professors.   

True Christianity is and always will be hated most vehemently by those who despise righteousness and refuse to obey the kingdom laws of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, shouldn't we, as people of faith and children of light, present to the world a loving alternative to the darkness rather than align ourselves with it? 

The kingdom of light which Christians are to reside in recognizes no geographical borders, it displays no national pride, it does not idolize military hero worship and, most of all, it doesn’t plant a false hope in a carnal piece of earth in the Middle East.  

The nationalistic pride sweeping over the planet in our present time is laying the foundation for the greatest world war yet to come.   

Sadly, most of Christendom already deceived through years of religious programming will perceive this as the Battle of Armageddon, the End of the Age, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Little do they realize this is yet another deception fostered upon the unregenerate masses designed to further detour them toward a kingdom filled with darkness and despair much like the Dark Ages of centuries past when an antichrist church, in league with the State Politic, horrifically slaughtered millions all in the name of religion.  

Isn't it about time Christians lived in the only Kingdom they were called to inhabit?