Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Official Trailer Release

Resurrecting The Past:  A Case For Fulfilled Prophecy

Friday, March 18, 2016

Coming Soon!

 Zephon Ministries
prayerfully announces its first feature length motion picture production.

This professionally produced, two-hour documentary 
will take the viewer on a journey through the ancient world, 
while revealing the stunning weaknesses of the Futurist doctrine, 
and the profound, biblical truths of fulfilled eschatology.

Featured Speakers include:

 Dr. Don K. Preston  

David B. Curtis
Alan Bondar

Script Consultants

Ed Stevens*

Brian L. Martin

Adam Maarschalk

David A. Green*

Written and Directed by  

Todd R. Diezsi
Zephon Ministries

*Original Production and Editing Consultants disassociated from the final production. 

To reserve your copy today please click on this DVD STORE link.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

WASHINGTON - As the world is on the cusp of yet another 'new year', according to the Western calendar, I thought it apropos to announce something of great significance relative to Zephon Ministries.

In the coming year this blog-site will be edited and perhaps some articles that are presently posted will be slated to be expunged.  

For those who have followed this ministry over the last two decades you well know that by His Grace it has always been this author's intent to follow the leading of the Spirit in the pursuit of Truth no matter where it may lead or what it may entail. 

Earlier publications such as Prodigia Profiteri and Jacob's Letter from the 1990's were no longer published and even the Zephon Ministries website was pulled from the Internet a little over 5 years ago.  This was done for no other reason than to be responsible and cease teaching things that were not solely based on Scripture nor a sound biblical hermenuetic.

In like fashion, this blog-site may retain all it's articles thereby allowing the reader to follow the progression of thought and understanding over the years held by this ministry but with the strong caveat that due to greater light being shown the older articles do not reflect the current theology of this ministry.  Or, this blog-site may simply delete those articles which have since been proven to be, biblically, in error.

Case in point, is the eschatological view of Zephon Ministries.  This ministry began as staunchly Dispensational from a premillennial standpoint.  That is, concerning the "last days" - Zephon Ministries considered apocryphal books of the Bible to be nearly entirely yet future with regards to especially New Testament writings.  Sharing this view is almost the whole of Western, especially American, Evangelicalism today.

Zephon Ministries, in particular this certain author, has been gradually surrendering to what he believes to be a more biblical exegesis.  Namely, an eschatology whose hermenuetic is Preterist in application rather than Dispensational.

While this is still a minority view today and is sadly viewed as heretical by most within modern Evangelicalism this false accusation is unwarranted, I believe.  When one truly reads the Scripture allowing it to interpret itself there are many Scriptural questions that Preterism fully answers whereas Dispensational theology leaves these questions open-ended, confused, and altogether unanswerable from a biblical standpoint.

May I ask that you please be patient as this author works through this transition.  And as always, your questions, comments, and concerns are always dutifully noted and responded to in a timely manner - this will not cease.

So please look forward to upcoming videos addressing this subject on new episodes of The Biblicist in 2017.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Why are some very earnest Christians still trying to bring their brethren back under the archaic Law of Moses of the Old Covenant?

Do they really not believe that Jesus Christ is truly the end of the Law for righteousness under the New Covenant?

This episode will tackle a few of these issues and more! 

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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Are we rightly dividing the Scriptures?

What makes us confident our 
interpretations are correct? 

You'd be surprised to know most of what
passes as Christianity today is in error. 

This episode will tackle a few of these issues and more! 

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Friday, October 9, 2015


What defines a Christian? 

Are cults like Roman Catholicism, Mormonism and 
Jehovah's Witnesses actually Christian?

This episode will tackle a few of these issues and more! 

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Friday, September 25, 2015


Episode One Now on YouTube
WASHINGTON -  Zephon Ministries announces its new series:  "The Biblicist", hosted by Todd Diezsi.  This program will attack a lot of 'sacred cows' within Christendom today which are unbiblical and in dire need of revision.

Most Christians DO NOT read their Bibles.  They say they do, but the facts betray their ignorance of the Word.  The churches of Jesus Christ today are filled, literally, with unbelievers.

The Biblicist episodes will seek to prod the 'pew warmers', the 'lukewarm' and the unbelieving toward a deeper study of the fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith.  The current gospel being promulgated by those who claim to be Christian is, in most cases, completely foreign to the Holy Scriptures.

Our first episode is now available on YouTube.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Enough Already!

WASHINGTON - For one who has been in "the game" for almost 30 years now it amazes me still how easily people are duped; especially those who claim to be born-again Bible believing Christians.  Now granted, years ago I was as gullible as anyone, it seemed.  When I heard voices like Rush Limbaugh, Jack Van Impe, Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams, Chuck Baldwin, Bo Gritz, Steven Quayle, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and others in the "Christian" political realm speak, my fears were ignited and I began looking under every rock for a conspiracy.  Yet, as I've matured and 'let go' of childish understandings I've come to realize, as have many others, that the men above are only charlatans posing as Christian voices.  Men like this number in the hundreds today who continue pulling the perpetual wool over peoples eyes keeping them in a constant state of readiness and fear in anticipation of their contrived scenario for the end of days.

One needn't possess a doctorate in rocket science to understand things are getting progressively worse, and this by design.  What troubles me most today is many speak as though they understand what the New World Order is all about and yet, they still haven't a clue.  Such people talk as though dark times the world over are soon to descend upon us and we must be prepared.  Whether that readiness be in the form of what some today refer to as "prepping", both physically and financially - or having one's spiritual house in order- very ignorant folks are running around preparing for something that is already occurring.  They've been deceived.

The New World Order is here.  It has been present for quite some time.  It is not something to come but is something that is being honed every year until the 'control grid' is completely in place.  Naive teachers today would have us to look to the future for some Worldwide Kingdom of an antichrist when such a kingdom has long existed already - at least for the past 2,000 years.  I don't mean to purposely step on my fellow Christians toes, spiritually speaking, but wake up guys.  There is no end of the world coming.  This earth has hundreds of years left, if not thousands, perhaps even millions.  The so-called signs of the Apocalypse you perceive to be taking place around you are designed to lull you further into your slumber.  For Christians, the main cause of this deceit is known as Dispensationalism.  It has been the culprit behind many not being able to rightly divide the Scriptures and thus relying more on occult mysticism or the "inner" voice within to determine what is Truth rather than actually studying the Written Word.

This world has always been under the auspices of the Evil One.  His kingdom is physical and it has not been vanquished but only continues to enlarge itself.  There is no future antichrist - such a figure is past.  There is no future rapture - such fanciful teaching is unbiblical.  And there certainly is no Great Tribulation in our future as many false teachers today within Christian prophecy circles love to rail about.  Such minds have no grasp of history and in fact, are actually disinformation agents whether they realize it or not.  I've found most actually court disaster, as did I, hoping the Kingdom of God would materialize when it will never be seen with physical eyes.  This is why most "eyes" in so-called Christendom today centered around prophecy are focused on the State of Israel when this satanic country has absolutely no bearing on Biblical events perceived to be yet future.  Yet millions fall in droves to those who would have them look to Palestine for their coming Messiah when His kingdom will never again inhabit flesh and blood.

What troubles me lately is how naive men and women point to natural disasters and financial turmoil as though these are surely signs of the end of the age.  I was guilty of being one who bought into these cleverly crafted lies years ago.  Today, 'mad science' (as it is called) has produced everything from artificially induced earthquakes, dynamic floods, powerful hurricanes and severe droughts.  

Financiers who own more than 99% of the worlds resources presently cause economic booms and busts at will. They create military wars and depose international leaders on a whim.  These are not signs of an impending Apocalypse.  They are trademarks of a ruling elite so pervasive that not even religion escapes their grasp.  They completely control what is termed "Christianity" in America today.

And don't get me started on the so-called "Patriot Movement."  These folks love of the physical world so overshadows any semblance of Biblical Christianity they may adhere to that I've personally found them to be some of the most ignorant people when it comes to reality.  Their blood-thirst for revenge betrays their allegience to a false deity.

Recently I had the displeasure of being on the American East Coast.  Researching various locations I happened to find myself in the Vanderbilt Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.  Most of those taking the tour alongside myself were completely unawares of the absolute Satanism represented all around them.  Unlike myself, who ended my tour rather abruptly with disgust, everyone else seemed oblivious to the darkness that permeated the Vanderbilt Estate.  Yet, the god displayed all over this sickening display of wealth is the very same god most patriots and quasi-Christian Americans reverence every day.  The American Patriot movement has always been on the wrong side of the fence.

So what's my point you ask?  Simply this:  enough already!

Wake up and do your research.  Study to show yourself approved instead of relying upon some "voice" in your head, heart or soul convincing you you've got it all figured out.  What you believe to be Truth is, often times, the complete opposite.

I'm ashamed of how much time I wasted listening to those who hadn't a clue years ago, and in most cases, still don't.

This world has gone to hell already.  There is no saving it.  It is the domain of darkness.  As Christians who belong to another kingdom, a heavenly spiritual kingdom, our purpose is to pull others from the flames not reassure them everything will be okay in the end as the occult mystics teach.   This world is indeed passing away.  It is destined for complete and utter destruction one day in the distant future.  And most souls along with it beyond salvation.  The lie of Universalism soothes many into a false sense of security.

So frankly, who cares what happens to America?  It's god is Mammon and it fully deserves to collapse.  And it will.  Yes, tough times are here and they're only going to get worse. 

Wake up.  You don't need some egotistical 'prophet' to tell you how to hunker down and prepare for the worst.  The worst is now - the "even worse" is coming.  But life goes on.

If someone is frightening you about the future they themselves are scared and fear the unknown.  Are you afraid?  Do you fear the future?  Why?

I encourage you to enjoy life.  Live everyday as if it were your last but know that things are all under control.  It all depends on who you yield yourself to . . . if you like listening to those who claim to "speak" for their god then test the spirits.  I think you'll find most of them are conglomerations of nothing but the epitome of "vain imaginations".
The Fundamental Top 500

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Christ Really In Christmas?

WASHINGTON - As our video ministry progresses it has come at the expense of this blog.  As a result, not too many writings have been posted recently.  

However, again we find ourselves at the holiday season and I thought it apropos regarding this time of year to once more offer a bit of insight as to why many of us abstain from the frolic and jovial goings on as the calendar once again winds down.

Kirk Cameron's latest Film
The actor, Kirk Cameron, of which I have written about in previous blogs relative to his ties to the Masonic version of Christianity, has recently released a motion picture entitled: Saving Christmas - Put Christ back in Christmas.

While it is no small coincidence Mr. Cameron mimics the motto of the occult Roman Catholic secret society, The Knights of Columbus, and their mantra to "keep Christ in Christmas" - it should still be a clarion call to all those who still doubt how well entrenched Free-masonic principles are interlaced with the Roman Catholic holiday of Christ's Mass.

Below you'll find a short and informative radio interview that was supposed to feature Kirk Cameron defending his position on the holiday - however, Mr. Cameron kept postponing his appearance, for what appears to be evasive reasons.

None the less, this video is provided for those who still may question just what is the truth about Christmas?

Radio Interview


Mr. Staley's Original Feature Video on Christmas

The Fundamental Top 500