Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Kingdom of Light - Revisited

WASHINGTON - What has deceived most of Christianity in the United States over the last two centuries has been an understanding, based upon subjective reasoning rather than infallible facts, that the god America's Founding Fathers were reverencing when they spoke of Nature's Creator, Providence, the Great Architect of the Universe, and the Author of Liberty was the Christian God of the Bible.  Were America's Founders truly speaking of YHWH, the God of the ancient Hebrew Israelites, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - the Father of the Son of God, Yahshua (Jesus Christ), as most modern revisionists of history within Christendom tell us or were these monikers of the Founding Father's god reverencing a completely different entity depicted in the Scripture as the Satan, the Adversary - and the Devil?

As is clearly revealed to those who venture to either Philadelphia or Washington D.C., (the foundational governing cities of the empire of 1776 America composed of a confederacy of united states), the sculptures, images, statues, and architecture are those which have been modeled after the archaic gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome - not the single God of the Holy Writ.

In fact, while many Christians can name the cities along the Eastern seaboard of the United States comprising what's referred to as "New England" - can they recall the original name of Washington D.C.?  They know of New Haven, New Hampshire, New London, New Jersey, New Orleans, and New York but do they know of New Rome?  Capitol Hill in Maryland named after the original Capitol Hill of the Republican Senate in ancient Rome, was originally referred to as Government City and Federal City.  However, first it was referred to as New Rome.  It was not until the proclamation by George Washington on March 30, 1791 that New Rome became officially recognized as the District of Columbia - or the city of Washington.

Columbia, or the "land of Columbus", as early America was known - was fashioned after Libertas, the ancient Roman goddess of liberty.  The idol standing in New York harbor is a depiction of the Roman goddess Libertas, today called the Statue of Liberty.  It was this same goddess which appeared to George Washington in the winter of 1777 in a vision he received at Valley Forge.  Washington believed the Divine Hand of Providence, through an angelic female spirit, which addressed him as "Son of the Republic" showed him the future of the United States of America and how he was to conquer his enemies.  Similarly, it was this same spirit which had shown the Roman emperor, Constantine, 1300 years earlier how he was to conquer Europe with the sign of the Maltese cross.  Washington, however, would conquer with the libertarian banner of freedom.  First Religion then the State.

Furthermore, when we look at the U.S. Capitol building today, which was modeled after the Temple of Jupiter in ancient Rome, we see the goddess, Persephone, adorning the pinnacle of the Dome.  The Rotunda pays homage to the Temple of Vesta in Rome and the gods of the Pantheon adorn its ceiling.  What Americans have been told is the Statue of Freedom is actually the goddess of Spring revered by the ancient Greeks as the queen of the underworld and wife of the god Hades, ruler of the grave. 

Why are the gods Mars, Zeus, Poseidon, Vulcan, amongst others, depicted in paintings alongside George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson?  Why was there a statue of Washington portrayed as Zeus placed on the lawn of the U.S. Congressional offices? The Capitol building of the United States has always been reverenced as a Temple of the Sun by its Freemasonic American Founders even having its cornerstone laid in a ground-breaking ceremony by George Washington, dressed in full Masonic attire, on September 18, 1793.  The city comprising the District of Columbia was laid out with all its occult symbology by Washington in the late 1700's. What most Christians do not realize is that Washington D.C., as we see it today, was designed centuries ago by Masons who revered the god of the underworld, not the God of the Holy Bible.

Additionally, the original symbol of the newly formed Republic was the fiery mystical phoenix bird.  It was considered by our Founding Fathers to be a symbol of being reborn in wisdom.  In fact, in 1782 it was placed upon the Great Seal of the United States but was later altered to resemble more the vulture or eagle much to the consternation of the Founders.  The Eagle was the national symbol of the ancient Roman Empire and was a figure representing not only the Caesars, but the Greek god, Zeus.  The secret societies that formed America did not believe the new country was yet enlightened enough to completely embrace their occult philosophy so they hid the reverse of the Great Seal for over 150 years finally revealing it to the public in 1935.

A Catholic priest from the 16th century, Desiderius Erasmus, regarded as a "Christian" humanist, set the foundation for much of what America's Founding Fathers believed when it came to Greek and Roman enlightenment during the Classical era.  He perhaps didn't realize how prophetically he spoke when later the Masonic originators of the New Atlantis known as America fulfilled the warnings he gave.  Erasmus stated that, "under the cloak of reviving ancient literature, paganism tries to rear its head, as there are those among Christians who acknowledge Christ only in name but inwardly breathe heathenism."  This is a perfect description of America's Founding Fathers.

The god of wisdom, according to Masonry's ancient mysteries, was the Egyptian god, Set.  Also known as Hermes, the god of the underworld, by the Greeks.  In Egyptian hieroglyphs this god was illustrated as an obelisk with a pentacle or 5 pointed star above it.  The god Set was revered as the sun god depicted as a blazing star, or the bright star in the heavens named Sirius.  This is why the American Republic adopted the symbol of the pentacle, or 5 pointed star.  It represents the Masons god of Wisdom in the ancient mysteries.

Sirius is known as the "dog star" when it appears in the height of the summer sky.  The "star" representing the Egyptian god Osiris, the blazing star of Sirius, was depicted as Anubis by the ancient Egyptians and "Janitor Lethacus" - the keeper of hell, by the Romans.  Anubis is the god who guarded the gates of death from which were derived dog faced creatures referred to as the "hounds of hell," - the entities which protect and serve the master of the underworld.  It is in adoration to this god that George Washington designed the outlay of New Rome.  This is why the Pentacle is clearly seen in the architecture of Washington D.C.

The foundation of the United States government hinged not upon the Words of the Christian God of the Bible but upon the gods and goddesses of the heavens.  The astrological signs of the Zodiac were what guided the Founding Fathers not the commandments of Jesus Christ.  While some of the Masonic fathers of America used the moral teachings and principles taught by Jesus they did not believe His words were the only source of Wisdom or that He was their Great Architect.  This is why America was officially founded on July 4th, 1776; exactly 13 days after the summer solstice.  The Dog Star, Sirius, was in alignment with the Sun. And the sun, to the Founding Fathers, represented their woshipful Master of wisdom, Set. This same astrological occurrence was the backdrop behind the laying of all of Americas cornerstones, whether the U.S. Capitol building, the White House, or the Washington Monument.  And this is why America is full of Egyptian symbology, Greek gods and goddesses and Roman architecture. 

In the "dog days of summer" - a reference to Sirius, many ignorant Christians worship their country on the Fourth of July thinking they are reveling in wholesome American patriotism when they are only pledging their allegiance to its demonic foundations.  One hundred and fifty years before the Revolutionary War of Independence in 1775 secret societies were thriving in the land of the New Atlantis - America.  In fact, it is estimated that the majority of those who fought in the American War for independence were members of these occult groups.

The reason the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob cursed and destroyed the ancient children of Israel after their miraculous deliverance from Egypt was because they chose to worship the hosts of heaven rather than obey Him. It is no different today nor was it any different 200 years ago.  People plot their lives by the movement of the stars above.  They look to their astrological sign as their guide.  U.S. Presidents and politicians consistently employ the use of soothsayers and astrologers to determine their course of action.  Heathenism and paganism thrive in America, especially in the churches. 

The Universalist god of the deist Founders of America is not the Father of the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ; he is the Great Architect of the Universe known as Nature's god. And this providential god, this keeper of hell, is described by the Scriptures as the Adversary, the Devil, and the Dragon. This is why the Pentacle adorns the American Flag; the Pentagram is called upon to gain power in the witches' craft of astrology and the building which houses America's military headquarters is in the shape of a Pentagon.  The U.S. Military leaders worship their god of war, Mars, and depict his likeness on their medal of honor as the inverted pentacle, the 5-pointed star of Satan.  All these symbols represent the same god.  This god is known in many cultures by many names but he is one entity.  The U.S. has sought throughout its history to bring all these different belief systems under a single ruling democratic authority.  This is the real meaning of America's Latin motto: E Pluribus Unum - "out of many - one."

When the rising sun hits the tip of the Egyptian obelisk in Washington D.C., known as the Washington Monument, it illuminates the Temple of the Sun reflecting the blazing star's fiery rays deep into the Capitol Building of the United States of America.  This is what America is all about.  It is about spreading the philosophical flame of illumination to the world. The fire in the torch of the goddess standing in New York represents the Masonic gift of democratic enlightenment to the planet.  It proudly welcomes the Light Bearer to shine forth all his luminescence upon the entire globe.  This is America's secret destiny and purpose.  The Great Work of the United States Empire was never about taking the true gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations but instead in bringing the nations under the kingdom of Lucifer, the Bringer of the Light. This is the Order of their Quest; Ordo Ab Chao, order from chaos.

So to those who believe America has simply been sidetracked or taken over by evil men - I say - wake up.  Study.  And do not be deceived.  Historical evidence overwhelmingly shows that governments have always been in league with the Devil since the early days of even American colonial rule in the 1600's.  This country's blessings come from below, not from above.  America's Founding Fathers believed that as long as they upheld the ancient mysteries their Order of the Quest, passed down through the ages, would guide them into an eternal democratic Republic of fraternity, equality, and brotherhood.  

The people of America, today, have lost their liberties granted to them by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights not because they have failed to act but because they have been deceived by those they trusted blindly.  Just as America's Founders were ignorant of the fact that, while they despised the tyranny of the unjust, they were in rebellion against the True Law Giver, so too are unthinking citizens of the United States today when they equate prosperity with godliness. The majority of churches have failed miserably over the last 200 years.  While there have always been those within America who have not bowed their knee to Ba'al nor seen God's Word return unto Him void - there have also been those who ignorantly believed America was the chosen land of God and that she could do no wrong.  Just as the ancient Israelites believed the LORD's favor would always be upon them no matter their rebellion and unbelieving hearts so, too, do deceived Christians think God will continually bless America despite her fornication with the world. 

The evidence is plain to see if only those who read the New Testament of Jesus Christ believed and practiced what it said.  The ones that have and continue to do so see America for what she always has been from the very beginning; a rebellious harlot.  The deceived, who worship men instead of God and equate blessing with godliness, are the same ones bewailing the tragedy of lost liberties.  These "Christians" of churchianity deserve their fate more than they realize.  They will be thrown into the fire because of their unbelief and love for America.  And should they be refined they most certainly will recognize the new age on the horizon will continue to writhe in rebellion no matter how spiritual it may appear outwardly.  The Founding Fathers quest for an American empire was for the supreme human purpose of realizing the perfection of man.  They believed this could be attained through sacrifice, commitment, patriotism, and duty.  The reason their experiment failed is not because the American people abandoned their Christian heritage but because the religion of the Founders was not the Christianity of the Holy Bible but a Masonic counterfeit.     

The kingdom of light to come will be an age of full human potential realized.  Apotheosis. Man becoming god.  It will be a time when science and religion will become one.  The roles of both America and Catholicism have nearly completed their unified works of bringing mankind entirely under the subjection of lost pagan rites and the ancient mysteries. This is why  the United States and the Church of Rome are being exposed and, ultimately, destroyed. 

In order to make room for the coming new Age of Aquarius and the so-called evolutionary next stage of man's enlightenment and harmonic convergence the Dragon has begun to eat his own.  The Scriptures state all of heaven rejoices when Babylon the Great is destroyed.  So why is it carnal 'churchianityites' keep trying to preserve this abominable whore?

Standing in the way of man's attempt at godhood is a group which will choose not to make the transition.  They will not be "born again" through mystical enlightenment nor embrace the philosophic golden age to come.  They stand opposed to the Illuminatus and his goal of church and state as one and they will not accept the coming return of this supernatural god or his kingdom age of pseudo-peace and security.  They presently refuse to buy into the Kabbalist lie of Jewish Supremism; and they certainly will not bend from their exposure of all that is false, American idealism included.  To them the kingdom of light to come is just the repackaged age old lie of the Serpent:

"Ye shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

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