Friday, December 14, 2012

Keep Ba'al in xmas

WASHINGTON - For the past 19 years this commentator has abstained from the celebration of the ancient fertility rites of winter otherwise known as "christmas."  Every year I make one more attempt at reaching those who may still have yet to hear the truth regarding this world-wide worship of the dark lord, whom the Bible describes as the Serpent.

Babylonian Sermiramis and Tammuz become Mary and Jesus
Ninety-five percent of Christendom today revels in, right along-side the world, what is known as the Feast of the Nativity, or the Feast of the Annunciation based upon Sol Invictus, the unconquerable sun.  This pagan rite of winter, known as Saturnalia in ancient Rome was celebrated with debauchery and drunkenness at the Temple of Saturn having evolved today into our modern celebration of the christ's mass.

While many Christian historians, almost all being of Roman Catholic origin, have attempted to cloud the mysterious beginnings of this pagan celebration of the winter solstice with justifications for its relevance to today's Church of Jesus Christ, the facts remain that the Nativity is based upon the Old Testament god, Nimrod, his wife Semiramis, the queen of Babylon, and their son, Tammuz.  This is the original "Trinity" and the actual foundation of the Nativity.  

Albeit, nearly 300 years after the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ the church in Constantinople layed the foundations set by Emperor Constantine for the "Christianization" of heathen celebrations predicated upon the aforementioned builder of Babylon and it's Tower of Babel - Nimrod.

Nimrod and The Tower of Babel
The Scriptures are quite explicit that any associations with Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz are abominations in the sight of YHWH. The Old Testament ritual of "weeping for Tammuz" was a heathen practice having to do with the Queen of Heaven and an abomination to God and forbidden for the Children of Israel. It was this worship that gave the world such icons as the "Christmas Tree" and "Hot Cross Buns" despite the best attempts of Christian theologians to explain otherwise.

So why is it year after year most people who proclaim to be evangelical Christians, especially in the West, continue to celebrate the "birth of Christ" just as the rest of the 'religious' world, not to mention nearly the entirety of the heathen world? The simple fact is this: no matter how they try and skirt the issue, they fear man more than they fear God.  Such people believe that somehow the righteous God of the Bible overlooks their pagan celebrations when they cleverly disguise them with Christian activity and definition.  They hold to their ritual, just as the children of Israel, because they believe the Jesus Christ of Scripture in some twisted way appreciates their christmas hymns and carols, their christmas cheer, and their christmas dinners and family gatherings.  They believe that the "spirit of christmas" is the Holy Spirit who promises joy to the world and peace on earth. 

National Mall - Washington D.C.
Little do they care to acknowledge that the real Jesus Christ did not come to bring peace, but a sword.  He came to divide, not to unite.  One only needs look around them and see a christmas tree in every window, in every mall, in every place of worship, in the town square and even on the lawn of the White House and the Kremlin.  Beautiful multi-colored lights adorn homes the world over.  Christmas carols are sung with fervor and glee as cold hands are warmed in front of the Yule-tide log. Is this pleasing to God?  

Absolutely not.  In fact, He states He detests it. He calls it an abomination.  And He commands His children to abstain from fleshy lusts that war against the soul and not learn the ways of the heathen world around them.

The Christianized portrayal of the Feast of the Nativity
So again, why then do the majority of Christians continue to celebrate this pagan ritual year after year?  No matter how much they try and Christianize their practices during this festive time of year does it make it any less an abomination before a most Holy and Righteous God?  Not at all.

So just as Elijah mocked the prophets of Ba'al showing the worship of their false gods to be silly and futile - so too,does this writer.  I laugh in the face of occult organizations like the Knights of Columbus who ardently fight to keep "Christ" in christmas.

The Jesus Christ from Nazareth, of Whom is given the title of Alpha and Omega was NEVER the christ of christmas.  The christ of christmas, today, is a Roman Catholic christ.  A christ named Nimrod.  That is why people put a 'star' atop their christmas trees.  It represents him.  Moreover, it represents the satan. The Ba'al of Ezekiel and Jeremiah's time is still with us today.  Only contemporary man prefers to portray their false christ as a sweet little baby in a manger.  

Wake up Christian - that baby represents Tammuz, not Jesus Christ.  It doesn't matter who you think christmas is about.  The Scriptures make it clear its definitely not about the Risen Christ who died at the hands of wicked men on a Roman cross.

Not once are we instructed to remember the birth of our Savior let alone celebrate alongside a sinful and unregenerate world heathen customs no matter how innocent or admirable we think our intentions to be; celebrating christmas is an abomination to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  It is an abomination!  Where are the preachers of old who used to proclaim such truths?

Less than 200 years ago the churches in America refused to celebrate christmas as they recognized it to be satanic and pagan.  Revelers today go about wishing one another a "merry christmas", including the majority of Christians, ignorantly proclaiming just how much they lack discernment.

The stars of Nimrod - One world, many languages

Our English word "Christmas" is derived from two root words: 'christ' and 'mass'.  The Roman Catholic Mass is known to the Clergy from many "priests" on up to the Pontiff to depict the "death" of Christ.  That is what the Eucharist represents.  The wafer symbolizes, again, Sol Invictus, the invincible sun, the sun god of the Roman Empire.  It does not represent Jesus Christ no matter the ignorance of most.  To say 'merry christmas' actually translates as a Saturnalian term for the riotous or frolicsome, gleeful, or joyful death of Christ.  That is why christmas is to be merry.  It is a direct reference to the pagan festival of ancient Rome.  So to wish one a 'merry christmas' means simply to be be entertained, (make merry) the death of Christ.  But you protest . . . "I thought christmas was about Jesus' birth?" Ignorance truly is bliss, isn't it Christian?

But such is the state of the churches today.  Churches claiming to be Christian, today, are all about love and tolerance.  They love what God hates and they tolerate what He abhors.  Welcome to the new age religion of "we're all God's children."  All of mankind is definitely His creation - but very few does He call his children.  Only those that obey can be considered as such.  The rest he proclaims to be of their father, the Devil.  He calls them bastards who have no right to the promises.  In ancient times this was directed at the Jews who proclaimed to be the seed of Abraham yet rejected Jesus Christ.  Likewise today can it be appropriated to those who claim Salvation yet refuse to obey.

So go ahead Christian.  Continue thinking your actions will come with no consequence.  You think the day will not come that your disobedience will not be punished.  You're too blind to see it already has; you have no discernment. You cannot distinguish between good and evil.  You have succumbed to just what the Bible foretold in the time of the great prophet Isaiah. "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"  

Christmas is a pagan ritual of heathen customs celebrated for thousands of years the same way it is celebrated today; with decorated trees, with family gatherings, with abundant gift giving, with drunken parties, with warm yuletide carols, with feasts centered upon a wee little baby in a manger, with candles burning and with stars shinning. The star of christmas represents the spirit behind christmas.  However, this star is not the God of the Holy Bible.

Guess again Christian.  I'll give you a hint: