Friday, November 22, 2013

The Wolves of Christendom

WASHINGTON - In our last blog this writer briefly touched upon what it takes to be a disciple of the LORD Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures in lieu of what men and organizational sects of Christianity may claim.  The Orthodox Christian gospel is first defined by Jesus Christ, then His Apostles, and then via the Holy Ghost through the Scripture and lastly the early church fathers of the first 100 years of Christianity.  Christian orthodoxy, today, is most often ill-defined when offered by popes, priests, or pastors foremost because the definitions offered are the interpretive partiality of late century writers and theologians.  

The majority of American Evangelical Christianity in the present hour possess a Protestant mindset believing doctrines which are often times opposed to Scripture.  For example, if you were to conduct a poll and question Christian believers if such reformed doctrines as eternal security, "once saved-always saved", as well as the total depravity of man are solid biblical teachings most would answer in the affirmative.  Yet none of these doctrines originate in the Scripture but rather come to us through the teachings and interpretations of men dating to the early 14th century. 

The Bible, especially the New Testament, if read honestly without any preconceived notions or bias from previous indoctrinations is its own best interpreter.  While men like Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin and others enlightened the Scriptures for future generations in many respects they also did great damage to a proper interpretation of many passages by infusing their own personal bias into their understanding of the Holy Writ rather than allowing the Scriptures to interpret themselves.  

When a reader allows the Bible exclusively to interpret itself a single conclusion cannot help but to be deduced.  The deduction most often reached by genuine purveyors of Scripture states clearly and concisely that the majority of those who are "believers" do not press on and finish the course set out before them in order to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  Just like our ancient Hebrew brethren of Israel, most of which were destroyed in the desert, most who label themselves Christian today will not enter into the kingdom of God.  As a consequence, these same believers do not inherit the kingdom of heaven no matter their initial profession of Faith and forgiveness of sins past.  In other words, they fall away into apostasy which is simply a departure from Truth.  The most oft quoted verse in defense of this position is Matthew 7:13.

One of the main reasons so many have been misled for so long is on account of false shepherds, false prophets, and false teachings being brought to the forefront while Truth and solid biblical doctrines have been purposely shoved to the back.  Today, an emergent church philosophy, (click here) has arrived which claims to be Christian. However, lift the veil and underneath the shiny biblical veneer appears a universalist gospel perfectly in line with the Masonic credo of 'all paths lead to heaven.'

In the following paragraphs it is not my intent to disparage or condemn any of the persons mentioned but only to bring to light the many wicked fruits and false teachings these men are promulgating today in order to purposely deceive and steer Christian believers into a false sense of security.  I must reiterate the fact that these deceivers are doing this purposely and not ignorantly.  While true Christian brethren should seek not to part ways over non-essential doctrinal and theological differences they may subscribe to when it comes to the Orthodox Christian Faith - they must, at the same time, stand firm and earnestly contend for the Faith against those who seek to compromise, pervert or alter it altogether.

In order to seemingly remain in the 'bonds of peace' (ref. Colossians 3:14, Ephesians 4:3), many Christians tolerate blatant sin and disobedience inside the churches as if they were obeying the commandment given in 1 Peter 4:8 when in actuality they are disobeying Jude 1:3-4.

Additionally, so as not to seem Pharisaical, this writer gives testament to the fact that all of these men mentioned below have been personally responsible and vitally instrumental in prodding many people toward an initial Faith in Jesus Christ. Moreover, it can be honestly stated that these men have gone to great lengths, not only to appear righteous, but have accomplished innumerable righteous works in helping many destitute of both Faith and the necessities of life to find Truth and comfort. As well, they all have used some Scriptures accurately which will always show the integrity of God rather than the prowess of men.

Even considering the above, most people today who label themselves Christian are quite gullible and spiritually immature; so much so that when a teacher or evangelist greater in worldly stature than themselves appears on the scene they readily buy into their cleverly crafted and deceptive lies.  This is because they fail to biblically test everything these men say or do.  They've been indoctrinated to understand that a Christian must not judge but must love the brethren no matter how they may use or abuse the name of Jesus Christ.  These immature believers are beat over the head with verses like Matthew 7:1 and John 8:7 thus being taught they must never judge another person. 'Babes in Christ' such as these are so afraid of appearing unkind, judgmental, pugnacious and unloving that, in many instances, they have extinguished their directive from on High to stand uncompromisingly steadfast in defense of the Faith.

This is a great tragedy.  Christians are commanded to judge each other.  They are commanded to enforce discipline in the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 5:1-7) and cast off those who adhere to a different gospel, (Galatians 1:6-10).  While the Apostle Paul was admonishing the Galatian church against the Judaizers of the first century who were trying to bring Gentiles under the Law of Moses as well as the Gnostics who were seducing many to believe that Jesus Christ was not "God in the flesh" - these verses also caution all generations to be wary of men that come to us in sheeps clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves.  

Likewise, when the Apostle Paul addressed the church in Corinth about their hypocrisy and commanded them to excommunicate those in their midst who continued to commit brazen sin inside the body of believers it was not a 'one-time only' admonishment solely for the early church.

"Christian" Praise & Worship Rock Band
How many churches today have so-called praise bands playing diabolically sensual rhythms and satanically inspired musical beats daring to call it worship pleasing to God? Or, how many young people writhing in fornication and adults committing adultery weekly attend Christian services?  What about the plethora of pastors and teachers introducing and promulgating extra-biblical doctrines as Scriptural truths?  Is it any wonder why the sects of Christianity today are so immersed in the cares and affairs of this life so much so that it's nearly impossible to distinguish between the behaviors of those inside the churches from those on the outside?

Serving two masters
Case in point, one of the largest politically active voting blocks in the United States of America label themselves as 'born-again' evangelical Christians. This despite the fact that the Scriptures command Christian disciples to have nothing to do with the worldly dictates concerning the kingdoms of men, (ref. Revelation 18:4).  This certain verse, in its immediate context, is directly speaking to first century Christians who were immersed in the Judaic whore of Babylon, spiritually speaking, which comprised the melding of church and state consisting of Imperial Rome on one hand and Judaism on the other.  It also speaks to Christians throughout history who've sought to align themselves with the kingdoms of this world through oaths and pledges of allegiance rather than separating themselves in order to remain a "called out" remnant unto God of 'pilgrims and aliens' in this present evil age.

This leads to the point of this article.  Some men who have presented themselves to the world as 'born-again' evangelical leaders in the churches of Jesus Christ, especially in America, are nothing more than charlatans.  Throughout their lives they have introduced false teachings into the church of Jesus Christ with the stated goal of helping to subdue the nations of the world, both politically and ecclesiastically, for whom they believe to be their coming Messiah.  However, those with eyes to see and ears to hear recognize these men as purveyors, not of holiness and righteousness, but of compromise, distortion, and lawlessness.  

Men who writhe in darkness today continue to pursue a new world order conglomeration where, they believe, a godlike spiritual entity will preside in human form to lead their great plan of world conquest and dominion.  Most men who comprise the effort to implement an Anglo-Saxon mission originate in the West.  And most of these Westerners claim to be Christian.  

In this article I'd like to look at men who've joined hands, as it were, to initiate the masses into this new age religion of sorts.  These men are self-proclaimed Christians.  The majority of evangelicals accept these men, not only as believers in Jesus Christ, but wonderful disciples as well. 

Again, while it is not up to any of us individually to condemn these men's hearts, for that is the domain of God alone, we must judge the fruit these men produce and ask firmly whether or not it aligns with Scripture.  Many would say these men have obeyed the commandment to love the brethren yet what love is it that distorts Truth, maligns biblical discipleship, and exhorts idolatry?

The churches of Christ in the West have not fallen into apostasy because of overt persecution but because of covert infiltration.  The great deceiver of mankind persecuted the early church with wicked tenacity.  For 300 years after the Ascension of Jesus Christ the church suffered it's worst torments and horrors at the hands of evil men inspired by the Dragon, yet the Church grew by leaps and bounds.  

Constantine the Great
However, once Satan changed tactics and through subterfuge lavished the Church with government approval, even granting it legal recognition through the Edict of Milan, the Church began to fall into a great departure from the Truth.  Within 20 years, by some accounts, the Christian churches had descended into such a debilitated state that naivete ruled the day.  Christians lacked basic discernment along with spiritual maturity and understanding - so much so that once Emperor Constantine invited them into his government they began to justify putting each other to the sword.  That is, Christian began killing Christian.
This same tactic was employed 225 years ago upon the founding of the United States of America.  Evil men realize that in order to prosper in this life and engender a relatively peaceful and democratic government it behooves them to enlist Christians into their ranks and decree Christian ideals in order to use them for a means to their end of material gain and financial prosperity.  This end has enabled wicked men to achieve nothing short of world domination in our present time via their inferior god: Providence.

The great Roman Caesar Constantine used the legalization of Christianity to such a degree through his successful melding of church and state that he was able to conquer the known world during his reign.  This was the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church and the replacement of political Caesars with ecclesiastical Popes.  No longer were heads of state as important and powerful as the head of an apostate Church.

Billy Graham and Pope John Paul II
Young America employed this same tactic using a Gnostic form of Christianity to further its imperialistic quest to rule the world.  The occult religion of Masonry infiltrated American Christianity to such a degree in the late 1700's that today Freemasons not only run the Roman Catholic Church abroad but have completely infiltrated American Evangelicalism to the point where today nearly every church in the United States equates republican values as biblical and the support of America, both financially and militarily, as one's godly duty.  

The love of America in Christian circles does not come naturally but through coercion and indoctrination.  For the love of America stands in staunch juxtaposition to the love of God.  Therefore, in order to equate worship of the One true Sovereign, (YHWH) with the worship of America citizens of the United States had to acquiesce.  And who better to achieve this goal then an evangelical Christian.

Eisenhower and Graham
One of the most well liked wolves today parading about as one of the sheep, whose strings have been pulled for decades by a wicked brood of devilish vipers, is the Rev. Billy Graham.
Truman and Graham
As I write this article the 95 year old Graham is once more in the hospital with health issues.  Let us pray the LORD will grant centenarian status to Mr. Graham that he may have time yet to offer up the fruits worthy of repentance.  When this man dies his legacy will be plastered over every news channel and every periodical.  His message will again become popular and his memorabilia will be idolized and fetch iconic sums of money.

So many American Christians lack spiritual discernment today that even the mere mention of one of their "sacred cow" evangelicals being manipulated by dark forces sends them into such obstinate dissertations decrying false accusations they respond by grasping even tighter to the lie. Rather than holding more firm to the truth thereby earnestly contending for the Faith these 'Christians' set out to attack their detractors.

Just because a man may be used of the Spirit of Christ to lead others toward salvation and the kingdom of Heaven does not by necessity dictate the same man to be above reproach.  It seems that most within the churches today will not challenge the teachings of false prophets for no other reason than they are enamored by these men and their seeming use of Scripture as they conjure the Name of Jesus.

While Jesus Christ Himself warned His first century listeners to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing many today disregard the admonition as though it does not pertain to them personally.  Did He not say, "Many will come in MY name saying I AM CHRIST, and will deceive many"? (Matthew 24:5)  A lot of Christians interpret this verse the wrong way.  It is not saying that false prophets would arise proclaiming they are the promised Messiah, but rather, many CHRISTIANS would proclaim that Jesus is the Christ and would then proceed to deceive a lot of people.

Billy Graham has been given an agendum.  Just as the Roman Caesar Constantine brought many Christians into his inner circle in order to use them for his own nefarious purposes so, too, have modern day Caesars (American Presidents) brought evangelicals into their midst. 
Many have provided evidence that Billy Graham is a Freemason despite his vagueness to the contrary.  A recent reprinted edition of The History of Freemasonry, by Albert G. Mackey (1807-1881), lists Billy Graham has one of the most influential Masons of the 20th century.  

Zephon Ministries has expounded profusely on the Luciferian underpinnings of Freemasonry and its overt satanic foundation so I direct the reader to research these truths apart from this present writing, (click here).

Graham and Kennedy
Billy Graham follows the Masonic creed, all the while being more in tune with Romanism than with Evangelicalism.  He continues to be courted by U.S. Presidents as well as Popes, uniting with their teachings and philosophies rather than opening them up to public shame and biblical admonishment.  For those who wish to understand how Graham became corrupted as early as the 1950's the video below is quite informative.  Zephon Ministries does not endorse all the conclusions reached by the producer and therefore only provides this as an educational resource.

Nixon and Graham
During the Nixon administration Billy Graham was named as one of the "Christian Mafia" (click here) who engaged in very deceptive activities as President Nixon used Graham as an adviser on how to counter Christian backlash during the Watergate scandal. 

Cameron and Graham in Hollywood
While many think Dr. Graham's son, Franklin, has been given the reigns to carry forward his ecumenical message, in truth Franklin has only taken over the operations of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  The one being groomed to replace Mr. Graham and his message of Americanism is Hollywood actor, Kirk Cameron.  Mr. Cameron was the one who presided over the dedication of Graham's occultic star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  He has been instrumental in furthering Mr. Graham's stated purpose of drawing American "Christians" into another spiritual awakening. 

Cameron dedicates Star to Graham
While on the surface it may appear that what Graham and Cameron are promulgating may be admirable and righteous - the opposite holds true. These men are purposely steering Christians into a political stance that mirrors occult and idol worship under the guise of Christian servitude and allegiance to America. 

Robertson Masonic handsign
Kurt Cameron is not a naive Christian.  Nor is he one who has simply been misled.  He has purposely sought to align himself with the very men in Evangelical circles whose purpose it is to politically dominate the American Government.  Billy Graham has taken Mr. Cameron under his wing in many respects and offered to him the prestige of being the next premier quasi-Christian evangelist to America.  Where Pat Robertson failed in his bid to win the American Presidency in 1988 is it mere speculation to suggest that Kirk Cameron will be given more and more political responsibilities as he is proven to be a pliable tool in the hands of conservative evangelical "Christians"?

Graham at his home with Presidents Bush, Carter and Clinton
It has been no small coincidence that Billy Graham has kept the company of evil men in high places.  While a Christian may fully expect to be brought before kings and counsels if it pleases the LORD - they are to take no thought about such an occurrence or what they would say as the Scriptures state they will be given words directly from the Holy Spirit should the occasion present itself, (ref. Matthew 10:19).  

Clinton and Graham
Graham and the Reagans
However, this is not what Mr. Graham has been doing for nearly 65 years.  He has been purposely leading Christians in America into apostasy and idolatry.  The Scriptures warn men to be wary when the world speaks well of them.  (Luke 6:26).  I have not read one single word from any U.S. President that makes even a remotely disparaging remark against Billy Graham.  The Bible states that Christian disciples of Jesus Christ will be hated by the world, not embraced by it.  It further states that the world will love it's own, (John 15:19).  Why is Billy Graham so cherished by every U.S. President, all of which have pledged their allegiance to demonic secret societies whose stated goal is a Luciferian new world order?

Obama embraces Graham
If Billy Graham is being intellectually, as well as spiritually, honest with Americans then why has he, for the entirety of his ministry, been pushing an ecumenical religion perfectly in line with that of Freemasonry's stated purpose? 

The Masonic "all seeing eye" of their god: Horus.
Why is Graham pushing the same Dispensationalist view of eschatology that Kirk Cameron is? (click here)  That David Barton is?  That Glenn Beck is?  Why are these men inviting Armageddon?  Could it have anything to do with the stated goal of Freemasonry which is fomenting a third world war prior to the formal inauguration of their new world order?

David Barton
Glenn Beck touts the eye of Horus
Next let's look at David Barton.  As highlighted in many articles, (click here), Barton is touting the Christian foundation of America, when such a claim is categorically false.  He has teamed up with Kirk Cameron and Glenn Beck, (an avowed Mormon and ranking Freemason), to come alongside Billy Graham in his quest for a spiritual renewal in America.  Barton is nothing short of a liar as he twists history and the American Founding Fathers remarks so as to give the impression that the foundation of America is wholly Christian in origin when it is actually wholly Masonic.

In fact, Thomas Nelson publishers pulled one of Barton's books because it was proven to be factually inaccurate when it supposed to paint Thomas Jefferson as a Bible-believing Christian when he was an avowed deist, (click here). 

Why are these men so enamored with pushing the "revival" of American spirituality? Is it because they know the spirit they are pushing is antichrist?  Kirk Cameron is touting American ideals as biblical values as are Graham, Barton, and Beck.  They are seeking a revival in America purported to be biblical in nature yet equate falsely the idea that the liberty and faith presented in the Scriptures is the same liberty and faith of American ideals.  

In fact, Barton and Beck, in particular, have gone to great lengths to propagandize unlearned and simple Christian thinkers into believing that the liberty the Apostle Paul spoke of is the same 'spirit of liberty' in America, (ref. 2 Corinthians 3:14).  The liberty Paul spoke of was actually the ability, through the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to be free from spiritual blindness.  Paul was speaking of those Jews who had a veil over their eyes, who could not recognize Jesus as their Christ.  Once they acknowledged Jesus Christ as their Messiah they then truly became free.  The Holy Spirit gave them real freedom.  No longer were they blinded by the Law of Moses.

Ironically, Cameron, Graham, Barton, and Beck are actually causing spiritual blindness via the spirit they are invoking, namely their goddess: Faith.  In ancient Rome this goddess was known as Libertas.  Cameron even produced a film entitled: Monumental, where he equates democratic freedom with righteousness.  These men are substituting the Masonic pyramid of occult righteousness and its concept of liberty, equality, and fraternity, with the Bible's spiritual teaching of true freedom in Christ.  And this is by no means an innocent oversight on their part.  They are purposely instilling in naive Christians the Masonic concept of liberty, (click here).

The biblical source of liberty is the Spirit of the LORD.  Because Graham, Barton, Beck and Cameron along with a plethora of other evangelical dominionists misuse Scripture they have interpreted the context of 2 Corinthians 3:17 to reason that  since America was founded as and remains a Christian nation, according to them, and since we have been granted certain inalienable rights by God that cannot be infringed upon; we must take up carnal weapons and be willing to fight and kill if necessary, to defend our freedoms.  Their faulty reasoning then concludes that since the United States is becoming less free and it's government more draconian it is as a direct result of forsaking the God of our Constitutional Founding Fathers.  Lastly, they conclude we must return to the principles that once made America great so we may again be a prosperous people.

While this sounds noble and patriotic it is, in reality, unbiblical and demonic.  The Founding Fathers of America and the gods and goddesses they invoked comprise the one god in which most of evangelical America trusts.  This is the Great Architect of the Universe.  

The Freemasonic Pentagram/Pentagon
Many times you hear Reformed Protestants reference the God of the Bible as Providence.  While this god is found in the pages of Scripture, this god is not YHWH.  Providence represents the god of this world.  The Spirit of Jesus Christ identifies this god as Satan, (1 John 5:19, 2 Corinthians 4:4). This god is represented in America as a five-pointed star.  This is why you find the pentagram everywhere and on everything.  It represents the ancient wisdom of the occult mysteries personified in the 'light bringer' or Lucifer.  

The reason men like Billy Graham, David Barton, Kirk Cameron and Glenn Beck are dangerous and can accurately be called false prophets is because they are guilty, at the very least, of breaking the commandments.  And not only are they breaking them but they are teaching men to do the same through ignorance, gullibility, and foolishness.  They look to idolatrous graven images representing heathen and pagan deities as holding some esoteric 'keys' to return America to its former glory.  

What these men are knowingly helping to construct are ancient Babylonian and Egyptian mysteries characterized in the double-headed phoenix of Freemasonry.  They are fulfilling the Masonic prophecy . . . Ordo Ab Chao, that is - order from chaos.

While these men can be commended for their flashy marketing techniques featuring concise and appealing sound bites - what they are marketing isn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are making merchandise of you! (2 Peter 2:3)  They are selling a Gnostic and Masonic Christianity that says you can be a disciple of Jesus Christ and, at the same time, be a lover of America and her ideals.  What these men are tempting you to do is to help them reconstruct the once Constitutional Republic of the United States. 

The Bible warns that just a minuscule touch of yeast will quickly permeate the entire lump of dough, (Galatians 5:19).  In like manner, just an infinitesimal amount of error is all it takes to completely corrupt and make void a certain truth.  The Deceiver of mankind is more than willing to allow Christians to embrace a majority of Truth if he can ensnare them with just a tiny lie.  By doing so he has rendered the entire word false and that's all it takes to completely set a person on a path of no return toward destruction.  A path, often times, one did not originally intend to traverse but finds themselves on nonetheless as a result of falling away from the truth.

The videos below are provided for the readers critique.  They are Kirk Cameron's very subtle attempt at indoctrination and propagandizing.  However, for the Scriptural person based in the Truth and having the mind of Christ this writer believes it will become apparent rather quickly how deceptive these teachings are purposely designed to be . . .